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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

[mslee's thoughts] GIF Goodbye Mr. Black episode 4 - Swan and Black

Digesting the fact that Sun Jae betrayed him and his family was too much for Ji Won. But his eyes had witnessed how Sun Jae communicated with the killer to look for him. Ji Ryoon was the one who confirmed to him about suspecting Sun Jae and at the same time stopped him from acting rash.

Swan waited for him to come back but the night came and gone and he did arrived home. Outside Ji Ryoon was also waiting for Ji Won. Swan was acting everything was fine and that she won't go anywhere because she has a nice home with her chickens. It was her defensive way of protecting her hurt waiting for Ji Won.

But surprisingly, Ji Won came. Like a new person, he was acting like nothing happened. He was way too cheerful that Ji Ryoon and Swan were both looking at him as if he was weird in some way. He was talking nonsense, even cooking for them and telling Swan he would teach her how to cook.

He was acting affectionate to Swan. Well he has always been like a brother to her and he was just going through with how he used to be. Swan was still feeling awkward and maybe confused but she tried to eat when Ji Won continue to act like all is okay.

Perhaps Ji Won had been noticing that Swan has been treated like a child and she should not be. I think Ji Won somehow feels that while living with her he found out how she lived, alone, and illiterate and maybe pity her and her situation Now he needs to let her know that she must continue to be strong because his presence in her life will only for a short time. He may have developed an affection towards her like that of a brother to a sister but at some point, he will leave her and she will be alone again.

Swan heard that Ji Soo is missing.

Ji Won was sensitive to her moods. He sought her and found her at the beach. 

He taught her to write his name, Black and her name Swan.

I wonder if Ji Won had realized that Swan's feelings towards him is growing. It would not be unexpected because this is something new in her life. For the first time, she let a stranger come close to her.

This were good moments. 

She enjoyed the moment.

The Christmas party...

Ji Won's surprise to her.

She was hiding her sadness knowing that this was a prelude to their impending separation.

Swan gave him her gift. A wooden compass that she herself made, something that will not break.

The time to go has come.

He waited for her to sleep. He planned on leaving without saying goodbye.

But she was awake. She knew the moment he walked out of the room. She thought he would leave a note but there was only a blank piece of paper.

She went outside and that stopped him from leaving.

I love this scene. 

For the first time Swan was very honest on her feelings in front of Ji Won. She was not afraid to let him see her tears. She told him not to come back or look for her. She told him to get those words back so she won't stop and look for  him anymore. She knew she might not see him again.

I felt sad that he took back his words but of course, it was his true feelings.
He  has no deep feelings for her other than brotherly love.
He knew he has so many things to do to get his revenge and Swan being a part of his life is not on his plans.

The kiss Swan gave him was one sided, not reciprocated but I think it was her sincerity that made it more heart tugging. For the last time, she let him know how she feels.

And he went.

The love line is one sided, not yet mutual but it was already a story that got viewers hoping that love would finally find them in the future.

I believe Ji Won had felt a certain amount of affection towards Swan and that feeling would linger and even if time passed, the memory he had with her won't easily be forgotten.


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