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Saturday, April 2, 2016

[mslee's thoughts] Screen caps Six Flying Dragons episode 48

It was conflicting to watch Bang Won turning to be the kind of man that he should not be. It was scary to see how determined he was to end his mission as he finally eliminate all his enemies and even the one that seems innocent but could endanger his life if left alive. Bang Won never looked back once he reached a decision. Bang Won never wavered once he decided and option was not an option for him. 

A lot suffered on Bang Won's ruthlessness. The aftermath of Sambong's death left a mess in the government. The people who once looked at him with smiles on their faces now looked at him differently. He was frightening them. 

This episode was not different from the previous one because here he ended his little brother's life. The boy who wears the crown prince title was begging for his life, asking him, what he had done and despite the little prince's cry for mercy, Bang Won did not spare him. The scene was executed in a manner that was not totally gruesome for it was a very disturbing one to witness this kind of brutality towards a child. It was ironically creative in some ways how Bang Won's feet started to slid apart in slow motion as he delivered the death of his brother without actually showing how those blades attacked mercilessly the helpless child. Focusing the camera after as it zoomed out from the horrific scene was somehow comforting to the minds of viewers who was at that moment in conflict with justifying Bang Won's act through his ways of getting his power.

But it did not lessen his fear which was etched on his face mixed with his determination when he saw his supporters particularly Moo Hyul who stood by him and his decision. Even Ha Ryun could not decipher Bang Won's mind when he killed the crown prince. All of them were staring at Bang Won with disbelief and frightened eyes at what he had done. But it was only for a matter of minutes and no one dared questioned his deed.

I love the scenes where Bang Won went inside a room, leaving Moo Hyul silently who was walking with him at that time. Moo Hyul without saying anything made the silence even more deafening. Yes, no one was questioning his ruthlessness, even Moo Hyul who seemed to have had a shocking experience witnessing him murder his brother in cold blood. The silence was much more tough to bear knowing it was like a condemnation towards Bang Won's acts.

Inside the darkened room, Bang Won sat with his energy spent. His hands were trembling, the aftermath of what he had done. It was the time to face his crime and there was inner struggles inside his head and heart. It would be normal to feel that way, because guilt finally kicked in and there was nothing he could do but to feel tormented inside while trying his best to control mixed emotions that would weaken him at this state. An imaginary Young Gyu appeared before him and it was a touching scene between Bang Won and a loyal servant who used to do the dirty deeds for him. A bodyguard who defended him with his life and loved him like a brother. The conversation between them was so affecting that it brought tears to my eyes. It was a scene that somehow showed the human side of Bang Won, the man who was affected by his own doing and at the same time it lessened the heavy burden that settled inside the viewer's hearts. It was not a justification but rather an understanding of what had we seen so far.

The moment when King Taejo faced Bang Won was another epic scene in the episode. Every frame told of what happened to the relationship of father and son. It was disappointing, maybe regretful that they lost that respect towards each other along the way. King Taejo would have killed Bang Won and it would not matter to Bang Won if his father took his life. It was as if his father was the true culprit of why he lost his ways and only right that King Taejo be the one to end his pains. It was seen as another devious move on the part of Bang Won but I think it was a sincere act because Bang Won did felt disappointment and frustration towards his father at the unfairness of treatment and acknowledgement that Bang Won was so hard on receiving. In the end Lee Ji Ran's arrival stopped King Taejo from killing Bang Won.

Jo Joon was convinced to support the cause and to agree on what would be the final outcome of the death of Sambong and his allies like Nam Eum. Ultimately, it was reduced to what was commonly known as treason which was a convenient alibi when taking out enemies. Bang Gwa was put to the throne as the successor of Lee Seung Gye who abdicated the throne leaving the palace with the royal seal.

Moo Hyul and Bang Ji almost killed each other if not for the interference of Moo Hyul's halmonie and Boon Yi. It was a short relief for them as well as for the viewers who came to love both Bang Ji and Moo Hyul. It was an open ended duel match that promised another time if given the opportunity.

Only Moo Myung was left to deal with next. Bang Won would eliminate this organization. Bang Ji knew Moo Myung would be the next target. It was his mission to kill Bang Won for the death of Yeon Hee and Sambong. Bang Ji went to see his mother and told her what he predicted would happen. Bang Won would still pushed for Sambong's ideologies and those were not what Moo Myung want. 

Two more episodes to write.
The drama ended more than a week ago.
But it lingered.
Now I am trying to put my thoughts together and share them even if late.
The final episodes will be Bang Won's final battle until he wears the coveted crown.


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