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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

[mslee's thougths] GIF Goodbye Mr. Black episode 4 Highlights

Highlights of the episode...

The man who was going to be a witness for possibly why the tragedy happened in Ji Won's family was killed. Ji Won and Swan only stepped out of the hospital room for a few minutes and when they came back, the man was already dead.

Ji Won followed the killer and it led him to a restaurant where he saw his friend Sun Jae meeting Mr. Baek and the killer. He called Sun Jae softly but Ji Ryoon pulled him out of Sun Jae's eyesight.

Ji Ryoon had his own thoughts on Sun Jae and possible connection to the murder and disappearance of Ji Soo. He told Ji Won these although it would be hard to understand. It was something that Ji Won would never believe unless he saw for himself how Sun Jae acted.

The betrayal was painful.
It was unexpected.
Sun Jae was like his brother and family. To see him interacting and communicating with the killer and his goons was the most heartbreaking feeling Ji Won had ever felt.

Swan and Ji Ryoon both waited for Ji Won to comeback. They thought he would never come back.

But seems they were mistaken. Ji Won came back. He stayed.
Until the time he needed to go away.

Swan decided to make Ji Won a wooden compass that won't break. 

I wonder about this will.
Someone sent this to Ji Ryoon.
Who sent it?
What was it all about?

Ji Won asking a favor from Ji Ryoon. It's Christmas time.

But this time is the one time Swan has been dreading to come along. This is the time when Ji Won will say his goodbye.

Ji Ryoon delivered a beautiful present for Swan. She was to meet Ji Won at the party. She realized the importance of that night and what would follow. She did not want to go.

But she did.
She made the most out of that night.
She danced with him.
She controlled her sadness.
She controlled her tears.

Ji Won treated her like a princess.
A sister.

[a separate blog for Swan and Ji Won scenes for this episode posted previously]

Ji Won left after Swan gave him her kiss. She let him go.
Sadly, the kiss was never reciprocated. Well, he loves someone else.

Meutong's vault had been cracked open and his money was all stolen. 
The culprit?

Ji Won!
Time for Ji Won to make himself the bait.

Ji Won fought. He was being chased. He knew what he had to do. He made this plan.

Swan was there when she heard the commotion. She knew Ji Won was there. She saw him. He looked back at her and smiled.

Ji Won had with him the wooden compass...

The killer at the other rooftop with his gun pointing at Ji Won...

Guess Sun Jae does not care if Ji Won lives or die. He does prefer Ji Won to die.
Sun Jae had turned away from his friendship with Ji Won.
He chose his greed.
I guess the taste of power is exhilarating and addicting.

There was no room for mistake when it comes to Sun Jae. He was not going to let this opportunity passed without killing Ji Won.
I pity him. He had become a monster and I don't think there is enough justification to what he had chosen and acted upon.

Sun Jae is determined to kill Ji Won.
I believe there was already a growing bitterness and envy inside him all this time to come at this point. This was not a case of just friendship gone sour or bad decision. This action was not the result of the Chairman's death. 
I believe, events that happened determined what Sun Jae really want to do all along, and that is to be the man who holds power to feed his ambition.

How could he look straight in Ji Won's eyes without wavering...

I guess Ji Won had timed his moves very well. 
Did Ji Won exploded along with the gas tanks inside the place where he was?

Sun Jae hoped so!

Sun Jae brought the news to Ma Ri. It was not what Ma Ri wanted to hear but it seemed Ji Won died.

Time passed....

Back in Korea.

Swan is now a reporter. Five years later, seems like she learned how to read and write. Still the brazen girl she used to be.

Still hardheaded.

so many typos and errors in her reports!

Sunwoo head office...
Sun Jae had attained his dreams.

Swan's boss...

Swan found her new family.
Ji Ryoon brought her back and make her his sister.

Swan is still looking for Ji Soo, but failing.

Swan has never forgotten Ji Won...
Perhaps she is still waiting for Black. Perhaps she believes he is still alive.
I wonder...

Swan went with Ji Ryoon's mother whom she calls mother now to a party at Black's house. Ma Ri hosted the party. Swan is curious of Ma Ri and of the house.
But most of all, she wants to take a look at the woman Black loved.

Ma Ri was the opposite of her.

Swan and Ma Ri met.
Ji Ryoon introduced her as his sister.

Inside the house, Swan stared at the wedding photo. She also asked for an interview. 

Someone's playing with the lights.
Making guest...

Someone was playing a joke on Sun Jae.

And someone is back!
It was a shocking surprise for everyone.
Most especially to Ma Ri who looked like she had seen a ghost.

Ji Won is certainly not a ghost.
He is alive.
And looking handsome.

Swan trying to see the cause of this sudden disturbance at the party.

Did she see Ji Won?
He seemed to be back because of Ma Ri.
But I really wonder if he still feels the same way after 5 long years.
Or will Ma Ri be a part of his revenge against Sun Jae?
Someone that he will use to get back at Sun Jae.
Because now Ma Ri is Sun Jae's wife.

This is definitely a surprising and unexpected reunion.


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