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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

[mslee's thoughts] Screen caps Six Flying Dragons episode 47

I think this was the most difficult episode I ever watched because this was when both Yeon Hee and Sambong Jung Do Jeon said goodbye in the story. Ultimately, this is where the story goes and it is already anticipated as the final episodes approach. The impending fight of Bang Won against his teacher Jung Do Jeon had come the night before Joseon was supposed to go to war and conquer Liaodong. 

After all the planning, after the weapons hidden at Bancheon were transferred and military alliances arrived, the night became one of the most long and unforgettable one in the history of Joseon. Prince Jeongan [Lee Bang Won] executed a coup against the government. 

While it is perhaps a wrong path to take, I can only speak of my thoughts in regards of how this story unfolded and not what history had written concerning the true and actual events that happened hundreds of years ago.

For Bang Won, he had to take action or he would not have his chance of doing what he dreamed of. But of course, his greed of owning this society that Jung Do Jeon created was the appeal that Bang Won could not and would not slip in his hands. He wanted to be a apart of this new country. He wanted not only to be a part but the ruler of this dream country. He either kill his teacher or be killed. He either destroy his teacher or let go of his dreams.

But to make it happen, other characters who have been a part of this amazing journey had to die as well. For the past episodes, Yeon Hee had been kind of annoying me because perhaps her role in this story was central and her patriotism and loyalty made her neglect this one sincere and patient man who had been waiting for her since the day they met again. The story suggested that she was a big part of the success behind Jung Do Jeon and I found it somewhat arrogant in some scenes how she was essential to every move of Sambong and Nam Eun. But of course, I do understand that her loyalty was the one vital thing that made her trustworthy.

In order to get Bang Ji out of the way, he was lured that night to where Yeon Hee was hostage. It was thought out of concern for him and I think as well as for Yeon Hee. Moo Hyul would not want to fight against Bang Ji nor would he want to kill him. Sambong, Nam Eun and some supporters were the ones they had to kill. But what they forgot was how loyal Yeon Hee was to Sambong. She was the one who took her life when she let the blades against her neck wounded her. It was a heartbreaking scene with Bang Ji hopeless witnessing what she had done. In order for him to go to Sambong, Yeon Hee had sacrificed her life without second thought. In the end, she still chose Sambong and her dreams over Bang Ji. A sad truth.

Bang Won was merciless and ruthless. His supporters killed all those who stood behind Sambong. It was a bloody night.

It's hard to watch but at the same time it was fascinating to see Bang Won turning to be this kind of person, the one thing he thought he would never be. For the longest time he denied to himself this part of him that grew inside him. It was like the moment he acknowledged this dark side of him, everything was easy for him to decide without looking back. He had finally taken over his weak side and be the man that got to have all the power in his hands.

It was a beautiful and heroic moment even if it was the end for Sambong. I could not explain my thoughts and feelings watching him stood there unafraid of Bang Won and his impending death. It was as if he was waiting for this moment and that all his energy had been spent. It was a peaceful death for Sambong. It was a determined and ruthless Bang Won who pushed the long blade at Sambong. There was no hesitation. It was cold blooded.

Bang Won did it. He himself killed Sambong.

There would never be justification on this act other than it was destined for Bang Won to do it himself in order to fulfill his destiny as the ruler of Joseon in the coming years. 

Two essential characters had to say goodbye in this episode. 
One dragon had died.

Yet the story keeps it's captivating appeal.


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