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Saturday, April 2, 2016

[mslee's thoughts] GIF and screen caps Marriage Contract episode 8

Attraction has developed even if both Ji Hoon and Hye Soo haven't yet admitted to themselves what is happening. 

The episode also showed an unexpected twist, where Ji Hoon's father arranged for him to meet his ex girlfriend Na Yoon, not minding the possibility of his brother's anger if finally revealed. It was a situation favorable to Na Yoon. She was honest enough to tell Ji Hoon's father her past with his son and although it looked like she was being greedy to get Ji Hoon after almost being engaged to his brother did not deter the old man from making her his bait to get Ji Hoon back on his track. The father has been desperate to make Ji Hoon divorce Hye Soo, seeing her as a woman who has a hold on his son. The old man has seen through what his son has not yet realized. Perhaps the surgery was the initial reason why Ji Hoon needed a fake wife, but even after the Chairman tried to cancel the surgery, Hye Soo was begging him to make her do the surgery. 

Something feels odd and the father felt that it would be hard to separate Ji Hoon from Hye Soo if he would just leave him alone to do it. He witnessed how his son was so fond of Hye Soo's daughter which is unusual. The bond Ji Hoon has formed with the child speaks of how far his emotions has been invested in this fake marriage and soon it might be too late. As a viewer I also feels that somewhere along the way, the two developed some feelings neither would admit yet but it is very obvious that they found themselves comfortable to be with each other's company, enough to share meals. It was supposed to be a secret deal, a secret marriage, nothing personal but because Eun Sang has finally warmed Ji Hoon's heart, he melted and the situation became more personal.

Now Ji Hoon felt that everything was being taken cared of by hi father. he could not go against him and his wishes. Even if he wanted to, he had to compromise for the sake of his mother whom he needed to get well. He made a promise to his father and thus, Na Yoon came in the scenario. I am not sure how he felt for Na Yoon. Maybe there is that lingering feelings but I don't think he is as happy as he would like to make her believe with him smiling and not saying negative about their reconciliation. It would be a matter of time before they will be engaged. She also asked him about Hye Soo and the photo she saw although she is willing to wait for his explanation which he seems reluctant to share at this time. She trusted him, or rather she have to trust whatever it is he has with Hye Soo. After all his father made them get back together. That is something which Ji Hoon would probably not go against.

Na Yoon became bold by bringing her colleagues to Ji Hoon's restaurant. It was also a girl thing, trying to stake a claim in front of Hye Soo. Na Yoon was using her edge to make Hye Soo feel insecure and to know her place. She also told her that she knew it was a fake marriage, just to add salt to Hye Soo's injured pride [or heart] which I think should have felt at a disadvantage thinking it was a secret. But Hye Soo was too nice to make Na Yoon feel otherwise but comfortable and secure. Hye Soo knew where she exactly stands.

Ji Hoon's brother a ruckus at the restaurant. It was a scene that made the visitors and the staff intrigued of what was happening. Ji Hoon was too cool to let his brother bother him. He left him. Outside, Hye Soo was by herself, mind elsewhere, bothered by Na Yoon and the romantic atmosphere going on earlier inside that she probably not realized the chaos inside. Ji Hoon looked at her, his thoughts in a mix. She stared back not totally unaffected by his sudden appearance. He passed her by, walking upstairs. His brother followed and another round of mess occurred as he turned his attention to Hye Soo. He was trying to insult her and holding her against her will. He would not badge even if she begged him to stop. Ji Hoon was controlling his feelings seeing what's happening but it snapped and he then kicked his brother and the two fought. It was much different inside when he was not provoked this much even if Na Yoon was also trying to come between him and his brother to stop them. But here. Hye Soo was the reason why Ji Hoon could no longer control his fist. A sight that scared Hye Soo, gave Na Yoon a shock.

There was no time for Hye Soo and Ji Hoon to talk after. Na Yoon was there with him. It felt like she was intruding if she talked to him.

The day arrived when she would take the surgery. But then another twist came. Ji Hoon's mother was nowhere to be found. She might have changed her mind after Ji Hoon said his goodbyes to her. It was a heart tugging  scene. Mother and son had to finally say goodbye. He has to live his life according to his father and she has to move on and live her own life without her son. Well it is what she wanted for him anyway, even if Ji Hoon is not exactly happy doing things his father's way. But maybe he felt he had to give in this time.

Even at the expense of his own happiness.

Will the surgery take place?
Then divorce between Hye Soo and Ji Hoon is inevitable. 
Soon they will have to part ways.
It is a fake marriage and only a deal.

I fear for Eun Sang's emotions and the betrayal she would feel when the ahjussi she came to trust leaves her and her mother.

The story is simple but it is unfolding all the necessary emotions that connects to the viewers.



Ji Hoon was anxious when Hye Soo disappeared the entire day after she saw his father. It was a relief that finally she returned and he could not help himself but embraced her tightly.

Something is  beginning to change inside him...
that is making him frustrated.

Father and son talk...
if it is about proceeding with the surgery, yes he likes Hye Soo.
But who is he fooling?
Seems the father has gotten his instinct right.

Hye Soo and Eun Sang

always, scenes with them are heartwarming.

Ji Hoon wanting to intrude but he stopped himself, He has becoming a different person. Someone who is supposed to be callous and cold.

Ji Hoon's father and mother...

I pity his mother for she sincerely loved his father.

more like... well they seem to have good relationship as friends but Ji Hoon always bully him so...
it has been comedic so far for them, two.

Finally agreeing with the surgery...
but the old man is cooking something, fast.

Ji Hoon started to stay away from the restaurant.
He was not even going home. Hye Soo finds it odd and she misses him.
Like he is avoiding her.

Na Yoon and Ji Hoon

His father's card is Na Yoon.

Ji Hoon and Eun Sang

He can't help himself but care for the cats as well. 

Na Yoon and Hye Soo

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