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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

[mslee's thoughts] Six Flying Dragons Episode 45 Highlights

The drama will soon reach it's climax. The events unfolding are helping the characters to make decisions that will affect everyone around them.

From last week's scenario, Sambong Jung Do Jeon had conspired with the King to go to war soon. With the knowledged that the emperor of Ming will soon pass away, Sambong gambles on taking Liaodong. For him it is now or wait another 1000 years for an opportunity to present itself. For Bang Won, he realized that this was what was making him restless. Sambong's move was too broad to imagine the consequences the war would leave after. Even if the agenda initially was to strip off the Princes of private military, the end game that Sambong planned was too much for this new found country that has not yet fully reached it's highest stability.

Bang Won could not deny how impressive Sambong is as a strategist. But Bang Won was also frustrated that he was a part of the plan that made Sambong finally sought this path of going to war. Bang Won in his regret, pondered on his own his mistake in asking help from Ming to get back at Sambong. That was the edited letter that was supposed to be Sambong's show of disrespect to Ming that made the latter asked for Sambong's personal appearance thus resulting to his resigning from his post to avoid going. In doing so, Sambong planned his next great move. Suffice it to say that his plans were thought of to achieve greater goals but I think it was personally ignited by his rift and mind games with Bang Won. For this time, Sambong had the upper hand and Bang Won accepted that he lost, for the time being.

Everyone around Bang Won, including Moo Hyul, Ha Ryun, Da Gyung and his brothers are bothered by Bang Won's silence. When asked he does not have answers which are totally not him. He began to be irritated because he felt he was pushed to a corner but answers keeps evading him. Young Gyu knew what was happening to Bang Won. He was Bang Won's personal bodyguard since he was a child. He has seen this kind of helplessness and restlessness before when Bang Won was just 12 years old. Bang Won wanted to say things to him then but decided to keep them to himself. Young Gyu told Moo Hyul that soon Bang Won would have answers and that he would make a move, they just have to wait for him patiently. It was like a premonition when Young Gyu told Moo Hyul that Bang Won needs to be shocked in order for him to take action. Then he added if he himself should make it happen...

While everyone is on their nerves, the King summoned all the parties who have private military to appear in training ground. Bang Won and his brothers did not appear. Their actions were showing of defiance to King's order. They would be held accountable and could go to exile. The King was so angry that he left the training ground to proceed with the consequences.

Ha Ryun spoke to Jo Joon. One thing I like about Jo Joon is that he may be supporting Sambong but he, unlike Sambong care for the stability of the new found country. Learning that Sambong's plan on going to war was not a trick anymore, he was disgruntled of having been left in the dark. He knew war would be a great risk and that Joseon was not yet strong to take Liaodong. And even if Sambong succeeded in doing it, the task of protecting Liaodong would put extreme limit to their capability. He went to seek the King to argue his conviction and offer his resignation because he would not support it. While talking to the King, Sambong arrived and somehow pacify Jo Joon by saying that private military would be dispersed and that the King should not exile the Princes.

Another opportunity was given to the Princes to appear at the training ground. All went even Bang Won. But when everyone recited their loyalty to the government, he just stood there not uttering anything. I felt sad that father and son relationship between Bang Won and King Taejo/Lee Seung Gye already drifted apart. Bang Won had become a son that would soon defy anything even his father to gain his power he longed for. Bang Won's dream, turned desire has gone greed that he needed badly to survive in his battle against Sambong.

While everyone was at the training ground, Nam Eun and his military marched towards each household to confiscate all the weapons. Everything will be turned to government along with their private military men to be absorbed as national army.

Da Gyung's foresight has made her acted beforehand to order Young Gyu to transfer all the weapons they hid at Banchon in another place. It was a secret task that needs to be done immediately and quietly. Da Gyung knew the repercussion of being caught so she clearly told Young Gyu to be careful. Moo Hyul and Master Hong saw what was happening in Bang Won's private military now being ushered by government officials. They went to Young Gyu to assist him.

Okay, here is the unexpected twist of the story.

Young Gyu went inside the storage containing the weapons. By that time, one of the son of the former King has gone missing and Cha Suk Gwang was looking for him. Inside the storage, the child appeared, surprised and fascinated by the weapons inside. Young Gyu was surprised to see the child. He felt indecisive of what to do with the child. These weapons should not be found out and now the risk of it happening made Young Gyu frightened the child when he shook him to get some answers. It was either he killed the child or not. True I was skeptical if Young Gyu would be that low to murder the child. In the end, he could not. But it was already too late because Cha  Suk Gwang arrived and saw the scene. Her instinct was to protect the child so she lunged forward to Young Gyu as her hands immediately got a sword. They fought but unfortunately, the child got caught in between them and was slashed by the sharp blades. Young Gyu was affected for a second by the sight of the child and that was when she caught him with her blade. Young Gyu collapsed on the floor as she ran away with the child in her arms. The boy died as she cried in deep sorrow. Would she take another action against those who was associated with the storage? I am really hoping not. It was sad that this happened when she was already living a quiet life.


Moo Hyul arrived to see Young Gyu dying, blood all over him. This sight was too much to see. Moo Hyul cried as he called him hyungim. Young Gyu in the end told him to close the door. Even in his death, he was protecting Bang Won and his plans. Moo Hyul somehow knew who did this to Young Gyu but keeping it to himself.

Moo Hyul met Bang Won. Seeing Moo Hyul with blood on his clothes and seemed not able to talk, he knew something went wrong. Moo Hyul could only utter Hyungnim Young Gyu. This was not something that Bang Won anticipated.

He and Young Gyu had been buddies since he was a child. He was his friend and loyal defender and protector. He was there through thick and thin. He remained by his side even if he now has a rift with his father. His loyalty to him was strong. He followed him through his crazy ideas and actions, not questioning him because he believes it was his duty to be loyal until the very end.

I cried as Bang Won cried seeing Young Gyu lying on the table. His lifeless body was covered with blood. Bang Won tried to shake him and  told him to wake up. He sobbed in sorrow and grief for the loss of his number one supporter. I even remembered how they were in the earlier years during the earlier episodes. He mourned his death.

The shock Bang Won needed seemed to be Young Gyu's gift to him to make him jolt out of his restlessness and uneasiness. Now that he died, it seemed that Bang Won realized the reason why he gave Sambong herbal medicine that made the latter anxious of his actions. bang Won also now knew why he went to visit his brother Bang Seok, the Crown Prince and gave him ink and writing materials.

With Moo Hyul by his side, he opened up his thoughts that reminded Moo Hyul of what Young Gyu told him. It was about when Bang Won was 12 years old. It was the time he killed the 3 brothers of Sungkyunkwan, those who bullied him. He went to them before he killed them. His curiosity made him want to face them and see if he could do it.

Now, he was actually curious to see Sambong and Bang Seok to know if he could kill them. I remember Hong In Bang when he said Bang Won was the same with him. He knew then bang Won killed those scholars. That time he already saw that small worm inside Bang Won's consciousness that would soon grow bigger and restless.

Now the time came. Bang Won knew what he had to do to fight back. He could no longer stay quiet and pretend that he is not what he is. He knew this time would come. he already talked it out with Boon Yi. For Bang Won, the moment he turned to be a monster, there would be no going back.

I can not hope for Bang Won not to do it or change his decisions for history had already written the facts. I just want to understand to my ability what and how much circumstances had made him to be this kind of monster. It was a battle of whether he would live or die. In the art of war, and this is war, a political war, the last man standing would take it all. the victory belongs to the one who moved faster and with conviction.

I was so enthralled by the episode it flew by without me so much as blinking my eyes. My concentration was fully fixed at what's unfolding before my screen. Another amazing episode. I hate to say goodbye to these characters and pot twists. But soon, first strife would happen and everyone including those around Sambong and Bang Won would be urged to choose where their loyalty lies.

I do hope Moo Hyul would stay with Bang Won until the very end. He was the only one left to protect him. Bang Ji/Ddang Sae would probably stay with Sambong. But the inevitable would happen if Bang Ji and Moo Hyul face each other as enemies.

I wonder what will Boon Yi do? Will she stay neutral? For her sad and melancholic romance with Bang Won, it is enough to know that she makes him come back to his human side whenever they meet. That he thinks of her even when he was at Ming.

Bang Won versus Sambong....

Final battle approach ahead...


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