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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Screen caps - Six Flying Dragons episode 44


Sambong Jung Do Jeon resigned from all his posts in the government to avoid his responsibility to go to Ming. He has somethings to clarify with them regarding an edited letter and Ming is angry.

This would have been a good move that would benefited Bang Won but it was a crushed by Sambong's intelligent maneuver by resigning and now hiding.

Bang Won was uneasy following Sambong's disappearance. 

The Queen died. That moment when she asked Bang Won while holding on to his hands with the current Crown Prince for his support, then Bang Won let go was an indication that he would not grant her request. It was a shock for the Queen as she holds on to her final breath and for the King who looked at Bang Won with such confused and angry expressions.

Sambong's plan was to go to war in Liaodong. The Ming emperor just passed away and it is a good opportunity even if the odds of winning is not really good. This way, the private armies would have to be dispersed as they would be sent off to war along with their masters and the Princes.

Bang Won would have to think of another strategy to defeat Sambong.

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