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Saturday, March 12, 2016

[mslee's thoughts] Six Flying Dragons episode 46 - The Wind Blows Toward Bang Won's Side

It's fascinating how the turn of events is favoring Bang Won's plans.

The King has asked his sons, to help him in this fight to conquer Liaodong. The Emperor of Hongwu has passed away. This information made the King and Sambong to proceed with their plans guessing Zhi Du will march to Nanjing. But this event also put Bang Won and his plans on hold. The date of going to war has been scheduled and military help has yet to be confirmed for the coup that Bang Won has been plotting.

Because of the death of Young Gyu, the hidden weapon at Banchon was discovered by Boon Yi and Gab Boon. Boon Yi decided to keep that information to themselves for the time being. She has to act according to what is best for people of Banchon. Bang Won and Boon Yi met and talked about the armory hidden inside the storage of Moo Hyul's grandmother. Bang Won immediately owned the weapon. But he told her to do the right thing. She could report him but also warned her of the consequences of her actions. What's still good about them even if they had separated as allies, he still cares for her and wish her the best. Although he can no longer be there for her if and when something dangerous happened to her. The conflict in how they should live their lives after overthrowing Goryeo was putting Bang Won and Boon Yi's personal relationship in a sentimental and unhappy way for the viewers.

The wind blowing on Bang Won's side...

Plotting the perfect coup d'etat.

It seemed that Bang Won would ran out of time to execute his plans when the date of departure for war had been marked on the 20th of the month. Bang Won's help from outside Hanyang would be through the guard who watched the Queen Sin Deok's tomb. But the exchange of duty would take place on the 26th of the month, a week too late. These military aide headed by master Lee Suk Bun would have to travel undiscovered to Hanyang for the coupe' to be successful. Now there was no time to wait for that help. bang Won and his supporters keep on gathering through the disguise of attending prayers at temples for Young Gyu's death. Bang Won had to come up with great plan within the week before departure to war.

But heaven's will seemed to be favoring Bang Won. There was a sudden change of plans for the departure of those going to war. The date was moved on the 27th. The anticipated military help coming to Hanyang would arrive at the 26th. I think destiny or fate really played a great role in the plans of Bang Won to execute his greatest scheme yet.

While Sambong and Nam Eun and their supporters are continuing to make plans to conquer Liaodong, Moo Hyul and Master Hong went ahead to take care of the weapons. They have to transfer them discreetly to another place out of Banchon. But unfortunately, Moo Hyul's grandmother found out. It was an intense moment because every second counts and being exposed could bring danger to everyone involved with Bang Won. Moo Hyul was able to pacify his grandmother after promising to quit after the enormous task ahead. To ensure that the weapon would not be found out while being transferred, she helped them by taking care of it along with Master Hong. They were hidden inside sacks of rice and grains. A woman noticed them and asked where they are heading. The grandmother lied about delivering them to the military for their journey the next day. But one man was not fooled easily when he happen to touch the sacks and felt something was not right. He discovered weapons and became anxious and was being noisy. Moo Hyul appeared and gave the man a hard blow at the back of his head causing the man to lose consciousness. They hid him in a storage.

Everything is in place. A big battle is ahead. For Sambong, it was the Liaodong expedition. For Bang Won it was coup d'etat to get the power he has been aiming for.

The highlight of the story is fast approaching. It is something worth watching. But then, I feel sad for the characters at the side, the bystanders between Sambong and Bang Won's fight. Hwasadan and Biguk monks who clearly chose their alliances would get in the way as the fight begins. Then there is Bang Ji who received a sort of talisman from Moo Hyul's grandmother to protect him during the war at Liaodong. Friendship will soon be tested because of loyalty that bind them to unfortunately two opposing great leaders they have come to know. I wonder if Boon Yi will play a role in the first strife of princes, knowing she knew about the weapons and instinct told her something will happen big prior to going to war. Did she discover the man she was looking for that seemed to be nowhere to be found? Yeon Hee who received the necklace Bang Ji received. He wants her to have it while  he is away. Will the talisman protect Yeon Hee from Bang Won's group who are now walking towards where Sambong and Nam Eum are?

This epic saga is both tragic and beautiful. To see how everyone struggled to achieve victory in creating a new government for the people and at the same time to realized that tragedy would soon divide them to attain personal victory.

Same dreams. Same goals. Same aspirations. Same ideology.
How one man determined the future of the other and conclusively put a stop on it because it was disturbingly leaning on being greedy for power. Somehow, both Sambong and Bang Won could have created an almost perfect government if only they worked together as one.

Personally, I think Bang Won was destined to be a ruler. Despite all the hindrances he faced, there was no mistaking that the wind blows favorably towards Bang Won that fateful night of the 26th when he launched his first coup d'etat. And unfortunately the first strife of princes.


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