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Monday, March 7, 2016

[mslee's thoughts] Updating on Upcoming Drama Goodbye Mr. Black

By next week, Goodbye Mr. Black will premiere via MBC on it's Wed/Thurs 21:55 KST time slot. I will be one of the many anticipating this drama.

I know there will surely be a big competition on the time slot because as of now two dramas already started at the same time and reaping good viewer ratings. I admit I am watching one of them [DOTS] not only because I love the actors but of course by the reputation of the writer as well.

But there is something about Goodbye Mr. Black that really appeal to my taste which the other drama I mentioned hasn't, although not necessarily saying that I am not enjoying it. I am . But Goodbye Mr. Black has a very interesting synopsis that immediately drew me. The intrigues that happened between two friends resulting to betrayal and the appeal of the story about fake marriage between the OTP.

Now, these combination are surely an appetizing watch. Betrayal never fails to capture a viewers taste when it comes to drama. The deal regarding toying with fate romantically is also a must see. How it will unfold and how the scenario will play between Lee Jin Wook and Moon Chae Won as the main OTP are already giving me so much smiles. I am sure I will be seeing some cute and funny scenes despite the intrigues, conspiracy and manipulations that will surround the main character Cha Ji Won aka Mr. Black [Lee jin Wook].

Honestly, I haven't read more about the drama. But then sometimes it is convenient for me to not know more about it so I will have my own impression as the drama starts.

Having both Lee Jin Wook and Moon Chae Won as the main leads add more thrill to the already jampacked Wed/Thurs drama time slot. I think the chemistry is good between Lee jin Wook and Moon Chae Won. Well, this is her comeback drama after Good Doctor back in 2013.

Adding the presence of Kim Kang Woo in the drama is another reason why I really have to watch Goodbye Mr. Black. Kim Kang Woo is an actor that can deliver a character convincingly. Although I would have wanted him to play a lead role in a drama again after Golden Cross, but I think him being Min Sun Jae is perfect. I already envision him as the excellent choice for the anti hero in the drama, if my thoughts are correct. Then of course, Yu In Young is another great actress in this amazing ensemble cast.

I just hope that Goodbye Mr. Black aired at the same time with other 2 dramas have a chance to fight for good viewer ratings. Anyway, I will not be too concerned about it. I think I will just enjoy this drama. What more can I ask for with two gorgeous men and two beautiful ladies on board?






 photos via hancinema

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