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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

[ChunHye] My OTP After I MISS YOU...What's Keeping My Belief?

Five long months already passed since IMY wrapped up. Five long months, still, my curiosity about my OTP, ChunHye is not waning through all this time, albeit no concrete news about them together. There have been photos all around since then, with YEH and PYC doing their own individual stuffs/events, but I rarely post them. Some have captured my attention, some did not. Maybe because I know there are legitimate blogsites that are already updating my OTP's own busy schedules.

Recently, there has been a craze and curiosity is really bugging all ChunHyers [shippers] because of similar or the similarity of bracelet Yoo Chun has been wearing lately. An accessory that is not really eyecatching, but to ChunHyers, it speaks loudly of it's possible connection to uri Eun Hye.

Thanks to a certain ChunHyer @caroline who keeps the forum @soompi and the Facebook ChunHye  official page moving with her tenacity of posting every single minute together with other shippers to make us believe even more.

photos credits as tagged via ChunHye Group FB page
You guys are awesome!

YEH Handmade Bracelet in 84

Ever imagine that we will come across this accessory now and see a version of it being in Yoo Chun's wrist?

As YC made his way to a recent VIP movie premiere [130625 COLD EYES] he was spotted wearing this bracelet with a cross design/miniature.

Some more photos of the bracelets

cre: 84 via Facebook

Do you think there is a chance that YC bracelet is one of these?
My instinct tells me, it's probably a personal handmade by EH. As I said...probably. I'm a ChunHyer and all possibility could really happen.

Five months and still counting...and I Miss You is still rolling in every Asian countries and beyond. Almost half a year gone by but my belief in my OTP is as real as when it began.

They may not be visible together, they may have their own world of activities to fulfill but some things can't be denied or overlooked at.

Both are looking healthy and great and have this amazing aura of being in love and contented. Of being taken care of. Of being respectful of what the other may feel [if being in a love relationship] thus going out of their way to show it.

What I'm talking about are these...

Looking great, wearing clothes that are too proper and looking like Han Jung Woo as if the character stayed with him forever.

thanks for this nice fan arts JADE!

Yup! Han Jung Woo all over again.:)) And this one is very recent.

For now, mslee's rumblings will stop until the next "proof" comes out.

To all ChunHyers who believes ever since before episode 13 of IMY just like me, just relax, hold tight and soon, we will anchor at the right destination.

Shippers Mansae!
ChunHye Fighting!

this is mslee1107 writing her thoughts

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