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Sunday, June 23, 2013

[MINSUL] Sulli Watching ASIA DREAM CUP at Shanghai with Running Man Members

On previous post were Minho's photos at ADC 2013 and watching at the sides, there's Sulli! Hmmm....a supportive dongsaeng? :))

photos as tagged via twitter

MINSUL Fighting!


  1. dongsaeng?!??!?!?more like girlfriend! hahahahaha! these sure are getting braver in showing themselves in the public...are we may be months away from having them confess their relationship in public?

    1. Hi mariabeatriz b
      I wrote dongsaeng coz .. well.. although I am hopeful, believes, that they are more than just oppa/dongsaeng, still it's more cute to say it that way.
      about coming out and saying/confirming the status of their relationship, I think it will be too soon coz mostly those who comes out are about to get married or is already that serious to take the next step. but on our minsul, though SM might be lenient or tolerating them coz they already stated that they are okay if it's gonna be a date within the company, still, sulli and minho are both young and their career I think will take priority as for now.
      we followers need to be patient and just hope that they will last forever.:)