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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

[Ep. 24] Final Episode - Last Look at Jang Ok Jung in the Arms of Lee Soon

And I thought I won't peek at tonight's final episode of Jang Ok Jung! Because, truthfully, I haven't watched the final 6 episodes yet, knowing I am in for the biggest heartbreak. But I do plan on finishing the drama. Tonight as the clock ticks, I haven't really planned on visiting the live stream but found my fingers clicking the site!

With a quarter of an hour left of the drama's time, I saw Jang Ok Jung's final moments before she drank the poison. At least, the writer made me feel not that heartbroken and hopeless. Lee Soon ran towards Ok Jung, though too late. But in the end, she died in his arms.

For a love story turned sour/bad, in the end, they both suffered and felt the pain.

I did some screencaps.

Will yet to watch 6 episodes back to back with English sub. Will try to write my final thoughts about it.

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