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Friday, June 28, 2013

[HyunMin] Does It Have to be Couple Things To Give Us a Hint?

HyunMin shippers, I know you are not visible but will always be interested at what's the latest about our couple, HJ and MM.

Yes, I call them a couple since Playful Kiss days. What surprises me and amazes me up to this day is that things keep popping up when everything seems to be silent on either side. Now that HJ is busy filming for a variety show, in which I say and noticed, he is the one giving the show so much fun and life and currently being [so obviously] paired to his colleague to make the show more exciting...I have my doubts if I'll get to see another hint from my OTP.

But...another great finds by shippers, who are always loyal [not that I am not, just busy with other stuffs] little things can not easily escape their scrutiny. And I am just so glad for their quick eyes.

Recently, in a video released by Keyeast, HJ promising to share the gwiyomi video to his fans, like me, an audio in the background could be heard distinctively, especially by MinMin's fans. I played it and I am positive, the chuckles I heard was that of MM.

Or are my ears deceiving me? Anyeo! I've heard it before in PK and it was a favorite drama so I watched it maybe 5 times [no joking] so I know how she laughs or familiar with her chuckles.

Again, HJ is very discreet but giving simple hints to us. Maybe to calm our hearts and not over react if he is being paired to someone else. Why would he do that? Why go out of his way to share that video? When people will surely scrutinize it?

And it doesn't end there.  Wearing a shirt that is really similar, making us think it is a couple tee.  Does it have to be couple things to make us believe after all this time?

Wow! Surely it is a hint!

And I thank you HJ for this small gestures. You make us stay and wait for the right time.

this is mslee writing my thoughts

credit: via soompi forum

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