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Monday, February 23, 2015

How Does Ji Chang Wook Feels About The Intimate Scenes in Healer

Ji Chang Wook Thinks “Healer” Had Too Many Intimate Scenes

Well I really have to agree that Healer is one of the dramas that has shown so many intimate and romantic scenes that viewers loved. They were all natural and gave the moments a different feel that viewers would always remember. Fact is, those skinships and kisses Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young shared as playing their characters in love with each other made the viewers fell in love more with the drama.

In a recent interview Ji Chang Wook did for OSEN he talked about those many intimate scenes he did in Healer. He said that currently, Healer has the most intimate scenes in dramas he did.

While the occasion calls for those skinships, he as an actor sometimes worried if his partner would be comfortable doing those, too. Well, if they were uncomfortable filming those scenes, I guess it never showed on the screens. Because they were so perfect acting those moments that it felt so real.


Ji Chang Wook's thoughts...

 “When I looked at the scripts and saw that a kiss was written in, I would sigh and think ‘Again?’”

“[‘Healer’] had the most affectionate scenes out of all the dramas I’ve done so far, to the point that I would say to [Park Min Young] noona, ‘We have to hug again’ and ‘We’re doing it again.’ She also said that it was the most affectionate scenes she’s had.”

“When romantic scenes with skinship or kissing air, my friends ask me, ‘Was it nice?’ It is nice. It can be nice, but as an actor, it can be a scene that makes us very nervous and careful.”

 “To put it simply, we’re not real boyfriend and girlfriend so the female actress might not like [filming such scenes]. It does concern me. For instance, I might think that linking fingers would look better, but if the script says to ‘hold hands’ but I link fingers, would [my female co-star] think it’s weird?”

Just glad that after Healer ended, he got to sit down for this interview and talked about this.

source: soompi


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