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Monday, February 23, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] WGM #JjongAh Cut Ep 38 Screen caps and GIF Part 1

This episode is the continuation of the day long events that they did together which started that morning when their awkwardness about the rumor was finally put to rest. After receiving gifts from his virtual wife Ah Young and then opening a bank account their cute nurunji game continued up to when they went home.

Outside their house, a box and some other things were there waiting for them. It was already early evening. I love that they filmed the whole day because the beautiful vibes I see were the natural and comfortable moments between our OTP after having just reconciled from misunderstanding. I guess, there really was not much into it for both were back to normal goofing around and pranks towards each other. 

It is Lunar New Year and both will be wearing Hanbok. Inside they changed into their costumes. Yura or Ah Young looks so gorgeous in her white and pink Hanbok just as Jjong is also handsome in his.

They bowed to each other. She acted cute while calling him first "abamama" [father which often used in saeguk] but he told her she was like his daughter so she changed it to "seobang" [husband]. She received money from Jjong but when it seems that she was not satisfied with the amount, she hurriedly changed role, like a gangster calling him "hyungnim". Ah Young is really quick or witty for always coming up with surprisingly good idea. Jjong laughed.

When it was his turn to bow, Ah Young told him to call her "Chagia" [honey or baby] in which Jjong almost collapsed in laughter.

  I think he was too shy to be uttering such endearment but then he followed his wife's wishes and called her "chagia". He even tried the heart dance she showed him, while trying to shake his stiff body. Oh my, Jjong could not really dance but the way he complied made the moment perfect. I still remember how he abhors "aegyo" because it was too cheezy for him but look at him now, he was doing it himself, not even minding if he looked like a fool.

Jjong just could not win over his wife and that he was too helpless but succumb to Ah Young's aegyo over load!

Ah...ottoke? These two are the epitome of adorableness and all things about aegyo!

Then they prepared  rice cakes outside. As usual, Ah Young was so witty while she put 5 spoons of sugar on the rice while saying ... things about her looks, her gifts and last spoon for her Jjonghyunie. He asked why he was last and she replied because he was the highlight. I do think she has a knock for ad libbing naturally.

 I have this one moment where I love because it showed how they are too comfortable with each other to be able to laugh about something they both understand.

Feeding Time

WGM JjongAh episode will never be completed without me seeing them feeding each other.

I love this part because, I think, personally, these moments will never fade in their memories even if they somehow fell apart in the future because their schedules won't permit them to see each other. Either they develop a relationship with each other outside WGM or become friends and continue to be one after, they would always be reminded individually whenever they eat about one another and how they fed each other.

After eating they decided to play Yoot [game]. They talked about punishments. He will carry her and kiss her if he lose and she will hug him as she kiss.

Love this cute smiles of Jjong looking at her as if what they have planed was giving him already something to look forward too.

For now this is my short recap and thoughts for this first part of the episode. JjongAh continue to amaze me and give me something that is heartwarming every time I watch them together. They never fail to make me laugh, smile or giggle whenever they too do the same. It is as if I am the third party [eavesdropping or peaking on their conversations and actions ] in this crazy fun role playing they do but at the same time it feels more real than anything I have seen.

Their eyes can not lie. Their emotions can not lie. So what am I supposed to make out of them?

Yup! Shipping is great. It lets romance fill the air.


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