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Saturday, February 28, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] BLOOD Week 2 Review [Episodes 3 & 4]


Ep 3

1. Inside the operating room, Park Ji Sang started to operate the patient. When he cut the skin and blood flowed, suddenly he felt dizzy and experienced the cravings for blood. It should not happen because he just took his medication, but of course not knowing someone had came in inside his office and possibly changed the drug. He turned away from his colleagues after he dropped the knife and tried hard to relax himself but then he saw his fingers getting longer, he would soon transform into who or what he is. He ran out of the surgery as Lee Jae Wook smiled knowingly.

At this point I have to say that Lee Jae Wook is really cunning and I think he tested Park Ji Sang's ability to control a situation. I don't think he really wanted Ji Sang to be exposed that way because it would complicate his future plans involving Ji Sang. It was just a means to shake Ji Sang's confidence and perhaps to know how far will he go in that situation.

2. Running to his office, Ji Sang checked again his medicines remembering his friend's statement that he increased the dosage. He then remembered his other medicine from his coat pocket and took it. He returned to the surgery room, recovered from almost being caught and resumed the operation to Lee Jae Wook's surprise. 

Well, it seemed that Lee Jae Wook finally understand that Park Ji Sang is not someone who can be messed around so easily. He wondered how he recovered easily. The rest of the team overlooking the operation monitored Ji Sang as he deftly removed the tumor from the patient in just a short span of time. Even Lee Jae Wook was impressed by Ji Sang's competence. Yoo Rita, with her usual irritating manner [this is what she is as per her character description and how the writer wrote her] just stood there, restraining herself from acknowledging Ji Sang's awesome job, but rather questioning his mental or health state when he suddenly went out of the operating room just after starting with the surgery. 

3. Lee Jae Wook and Park Ji Sang met outside, the former congratulating him for almost breaking the record for speedy surgery. Ji Sang went on the rooftop, called his friend and frustratingly asked him what happened to the medicines and how he was almost found out. The friend told him to bring back the drug home.

4. The bickering and snides continue between Ri Ta and Ji Sang almost in every opportunity they meet. She wanted him to go medical check up. But of course, Ji Sang chose to ignore her and in his own way made her annoyed.

Personally, I love when OTP started in misunderstanding but here, I hope the writer will stop making Ri Ta feels as if she is seeking him always and ask for attention by her unsatisfied reactions to his every move. I want to like Yoo Ri Ta [for readers I hope you understand that I am talking about the character and not GHS] but her constant complains against Ji Sang makes her unprofessional. I hope the writer would give Ri Ta the sophistication she should have as a dignified doctor. Or was it the writing of her lines and the way the scenes were directed that makes it exasperating to see her?

5. Lee Jae Wook is experimenting on a vampire at a different location with a chosen team and doctors. I believe they are not vampires. He went to see the progress but I think there has no development yet. 

I wonder what Jae Wook really wants to do? 

6. Park Ji Sang went to the security office and asked about a CCTV footage but I think what he asked was unexpectedly unavailable. The security asked why but he kept the reason s to himself.

This is fishy for Ji Sang knowing someone went inside his office to changed the drug, which was confirmed by his friend after analysing the components, and that someone knows about him being a vampire.

7. He was suspicious suddenly of people at the hospital that when he caught someone by his office door trying to open it, he grabbed the man's collar and asked him about it. The man told him he was from the security and that he was asked to check on his lock.

Well, that man by the looks of him is suspicious to me. 

8. There is something wrong with the Chairman's hand. His hand is shaking and he is taking a medicine for it. He is also trying to hide it. 

9. Lee Jae Wook ordered his vampire team to clean up the place where they were experimenting. He plans on bringing the doctor and some of his people to the hospital. The vampires arrived at the place but cleaning it also meant that not all will be joining in the next phase of the experiment. Some would have to be silence for what they knew. Fortunately I was spared to see vampires killing humans.

10. At the hospital, Lee Jae Wook presented his new project to all. He told them about making a new drug. One of the doctors, Jung Ji Tae opposed the idea but he knew his thought about this project is in the minority, still he clearly let Jae Wook know that he is against it. Surprisingly, Ji Sang also spoke his thoughts about it.

The rest like Yoo Ri Ta commented on giving it a chance. Outside, the doctor and Ji Sang talked shortly. By this time, the senior doctor had somehow reassess his impression on Ji Sang. 

11. The nun who is like Yoo Ri Ta's mother is hospitalized. Yoo Ri Ta is affectionate to the old woman. She was about to ask her uncle about the attending doctor when Ji Sang walked in. She did not like him to look over the old woman but her uncle stopped her protest.

12. Lee Jae Wook went to see Ji Sang at his office. They talked. At the end, Ji Sang shook hands with him. At this point I think Ji Sang had somehow realized that Jae Wook's hands is also cold...or was it his hands only as Jae Wook pointed out?

13. This is a bit scary and also enlightening. When Jae Wook went to the place where he kept the vampire, he found foul smells and traces of blood. Of course that was the outcome of the cleaning those vampires were supposed to do, But what made Jae Wook angry was one of the vampires feasted on blood which ironically a big no, no as far as Jae Wook's philosophy is concerned. He told them they are not animals or monster but just a superior kind that humans. I think that's why Jae Wook drinks placenta. So this is an informative scene for me as a viewer. This vampire story is gong against the typical ones.

14. Jae Wook started playing on Ji Sang's awareness by teasing him with one or two of his vampire errand boys. One was to appear outside Ji Sang's house for Jae Wook knew that by now Ji Sang is monitoring who could be following him or watching him.

Ji Sang saw one standing by a tree.

15. Park Ji Sang went on his day off to the forest where he went to after realizing he is craving blood. I think the same forest where he first met Chae Yeon. In his sleep by the tree, his mother appeared besides him as she talked to him.

Meanwhile at the hospital, to get back at Ri Ta for suggesting he take a medical check up, Ji Sang filed a disciplinary measures for Ri Ta resulting to cut off her wage. She is so worked up on facing Ji Sang that she went to his house to confront him.

16. She met Luuvy, the nosey robot. Yes, the talkative thing size her up, particularly her behind and recording it. Naughty robot. Ji Sang's friend Lee Sung Gyun entertained her as she waited for Ji Sang to arrive. 

Ji Sang was surprised to see her in his house. Again, the two started their bickering about the disciplinary he filed. Suddenly Ji Sang heard a buzzing sound. He went near the window and look outside. There is one by the tree. He signaled to Sung Gyun to check the camera while Ri Ta continue to talk in the air oblivious to what's happening.

She then decided to go home. But Ji Sang must have been scared for her that's why he grabbed her keys on her hands so fast and headed to the door outside, Ri Ta following annoyed.

Sung Gyun was ready. He switched on all the special lights [ not sure if they were infrared or something different..] that makes vampire's eyes hurt and he got a gun and syringe.

Outside, Ji Sang drove the car to the hospital. There he noticed the man who seemed to be luring him. He followed the man. He fought with him but he was cornered. Another one appeared at his back, shooting him with something, like a syringe. He already transformed by that time and the chemical injected on his nape made him so weak.


Ep 14


1. Ri Ta found him when he found his way outside then collapsing. Ri Ta run towards him, calling him but he was already unconscious. She yelled for help. Ji Sang was rushed inside the hospital. Ri Ta felt his cold skin. She put a thermometer on him but it  showed 27. something which is ridiculous for a normal person. The vital signs through the monitor are also weird because it appeared that the line is straight and not wavey..like a dead person? And his heartbeat...? Ri Ta tried to inject him something but fortunately he opened his eyes just in time. He grabbed her wrist avoiding the syringe.

He feels okay, but Ri Ta is not convinced. Something is off but Ri Ta could not put her finger into it. 

2. Ji Sang and Sung Gyun talked about what happened to him. Ji Sang is really concerned now about those people who are like him,

3. Ri Ta saw Ji Sang walking and decided to follow him because of her curiosity of him. He felt her behind him so he turned around as she immediately talked to her phone. The funny thing was while talking [to nonexistent caller] her phone rings. Incoming call! Lol! He knew already but it was satisfactory to see her ruffled. He walked away.

4.  Another cute scene follows. Inside his office Ji Sang is resting eyes closed. She walked inside, saw him sleeping and come to him so close with her hand almost touching him, maybe to feel his temperature but he suddenly opened his eyes. She thought of the trainees she met outside playing with their hands and fingers so she did the same with her hands, two fingers attached the middle wide open. he did the same which made her look like an idiot for fooling him with her lame excuse.

She went outside. But he followed her and cornered her on a wall, face so close. He rattled her. He had to to make her stop bothering her. And yes, she was a bit rattled by his closeness.

5. Choi Kyung In, I think she is the secretary was bothered by the people brought in by the Director. They have no files or background record and she is uneasy about it. She talked to doctor Jung Ji Tae, asked him to help her abut it. He replied if she is asking he investigate. She promised him her support on his previous proposal that was not approved.

Jung Ji Tae walked by the office of the new employees. They are the team to create new drugs. For what purpose, it has not been revealed.

6. In another conference,  Lee Jae Wook tells his plans abut the drugs they are going to create. 

In this particular issue I am somewhat bothered by his purpose and experiments. A number of patients who have no means to pay for medication and hospitalization are coming in to the hospital. A certain portion of the hospital has been turned into a new ward, separated from the main admission place. Even the nurses are complaining about it but then if the motive is honest and sincere, this is a great idea. But I find this project somehow sneaky or underhanded. they could be the ones getting experimented on with the new drugs Lee Jae Wook's team is trying to invent. And for the purpose of possibly harming or spreading virus. I am sure that these people will be used in his own agenda.

7. Park Ji Sang is a frank doctor that does not mince words. He say it as curtly as coldly and as factual as it sound. He does not care for the patient's or the family's emotions. Ri Ta tried to talk to him about it but got nowhere. He is as he is.

8. A patient was brought to the hospital and needs a transplant immediately or she will die. Park Ji Sang met the son and it reminded him of himself when his mother was dying. He comforts the child by tapping his hand on the child's shoulder which Lee Jae Wook witnessed. Somehow, it was a show of humanity on the part of Ji Sang which made Jae Wook thought of making Ji Sang realized he is not human and should not act like one.

9. Ji Sang told Ri Ta to assist in the operation. That night, they got a call from another hospital about the organ they need for the transplant. Ji Sang ordered Ri Ta to go along with the authorized nurse to get the organ as the representative doctor. He told her he would prepare the operating room. But then Jae Wook decided to play on Ji Sang's emotions by telling him to go with Ri Ta. Jin Sang could  not refuse the order.

By the time they secured the organ, they hurried back to the ambulance but Ji Sang saw two vampires waiting for him, feeding on his curiosity and impatience. At just the same time his friend, Sung Gyun called and let him know that the chemical component that was injected to him by these two was the same drug that killed his parents. 

So this is rather informative particularly to Lee Jae Wook because Ji Sang is the first vampire to have overcome the drug and not die. He only weakened but he bounced back. I guess, Lee Jae Wook is anticipating what Ji Sang can do more and what other amazing things he has as an infected born vampire.

10. Park Ji Sang told Ri Ta to go ahead even if she was too confused by his sudden actions and decisions. She was to operate the patient.

Ji Sang followed the two vampires. They fought. They transformed. In the middle of fighting, police officers came by and pointed a gun at them. The two run away, leaving him. He could not show his face because he still looks like a monster.

11. At the operating room, Ri Ta asked doctor Lee Ho Yong who already started the surgery to assist her further more. The doctor was taken aback because he was not prepared. Someone is walking inside the operating room. She turned and there was Ji Sang already prepared and ready. But wait..another one went in, Lee Jae Wook. 

I think Lee Jae Wook did not anticipate that Ji Sang would be able to hurry back and be there at the hospital. I think he knew that Park Ji Sang somehow promised the child silently that he would do his best to keep his mother alive. Maybe Lee Jae Wook is a great doctor but he could have something in his mind at the moment. Maybe he planned on not making the operation a success?

Not sure but he is definitely playing on Ji Sang and making him choose his priority by taking out his interest at the right moment.

I now realized that this drama is not going to deal with vampire hungers and what common plot it usually follow. This is I think a purely medical drama that will revolve around hospital dealings, humanity and using power to create vampires that have other motives than killing randomly.

This is going to be evil versus good. The intent will be the focus of the story.

Somehow it lessens the frightening scenes. I think this will focus more on the emotional side of being a vampire who wants to be human, humans who finally faced a vampire and a vampire who is full of greed.


I know this is almost a week late but still, I got to write my own thoughts and reviews.

Got to be in a good mood to write a review:))


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