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Friday, February 27, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Shippers Try To Be Happy For These Preview Stills of #JjongAh Cut Ep. 39

The news already broke out yesterday. WGM virtual couple Yura and Hong Jong Hyun are leaving the program. The production has apparently only 2 more episodes left, if March 7th will be the final airing for their cut.

Before I share the still photos provided by great and amazing shippers via soompi thread/JjongAh I will share some thoughts I have regarding this sudden ending of this "virtual" marriage.

Fans and shippers like me got affected so suddenly with this confirmation by WGM. It is an unexpected call when two weeks ago, the program denied vehemently the rumor about this. Fans anxiety were soon calmed and hope continues. I know this show will not last forever, still that heavy feelings in me could not be soothed and it made me sad the rest of the day yesterday. Even writing updates I promised was put on standby. There was no energy to make a review on latest episodes of dramas I am watching. I guess, knowing that my source of genuine laughs will soon be over makes me really, seriously down and heavyhearted.

I am as I pointed out previously in my writings about my JjongAh feels, a realist and only half delusional about the whole concept of WGM. I am intelligent enough to know that this is a reality program and the purpose is to entertain and give off the feelings and actions of that of married couples.

Still, what I watch every Saturday somehow makes it "real" in the sense that their honesty in dealing with every situation is sincere and not faked. That's why I do enjoy each episode and look for more. But as hardcore shippers as I am, there's the other sane mind that cautioned me not to read more between the lines. That's what makes me stop and tell myself to just enjoy what both Hong Jong Hyun and Yura can give me and that is total entertainment and honest laugh that I haven't have in a long time now.

Nami Island was where they filmed what possibly the last episodes to air. Personally, I do think this is a sudden realization for the couple although already prepared in advanced by the production team. I believe that this is to show natural and true emotions finding out that their segment is over. So even if the stills show how happy and how they enjoyed their stay in Nami, there would be that sad moment after receiving the last card.

So much vivaciousness last week from shippers that now even the stills of romantic ambiance of the couple in Nami make them lethargic somehow because of the impending conclusion of the couple's show.

Preview Stills

Guess these moments will be added to loads of memories that JjongAh already has.

Got to bounce back from being melancholic. Be positive. Move on. Look forward.

JjongAh is never going away. They will each have an amazing career ahead of them. This is only the beginning of their soaring popularity. With so much special moments they shared, I hope friendship will stay and grow between them. Enough to make their paths cross always or if not occasionally with that reminiscing smiles whenever their eyes meet. And that will be the beauty of everything they ever did together. Buried deep inside the corners of heart and mind.

this is shipping...


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