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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] WGM #JjongAh Cut Episode 38 Screen caps and GIF Part 2

This second part of the episode showed a lot of best moments of JjongAh couple. Everything is fun and full of skinships which naturally done without conscious effort. They played the Yoot game and the penalty for the loser is to kiss the cheeks of the winner. 

Guess Ah Young will always be the losing party between her and Jjong for he himself was amazed at how good he was. 

The gif and the screen caps speak for itself how fun and intimate Ah Young and Jjong during this episode. I want to add that the tickling scenes were the best ones because the sensations surely they felt must have been so thrilling and exciting and fun at the same time. Ah, chongmal! These two are my happy times.

They started the game but Ah Young was losing and she could not believe that Jjong is that good.

It was not as if he tried so hard! lol..pacifying his wife...:))

The Penalty!

Ah Young's attempt at kissing her husband...fell to fits of laughter and embarrassing moments before she successfully planted a soft kiss on his cheeks.

Jjong acted shy but really he must have been nervous also.

The Kiss

Tickling moments

adorable Ah Young!

I laughed as she laughed!:))

And Jjong..look at him...ah...hmmm...leave you to your imaginations! lol!

The wide spread arms before he got closer for that tight hug between them. The most natural embrace so far between Ah Young and Jjong!

The preview is something to anticipate of course. It was the Nami Island rendezvous.


For still captures, there are so many beautiful photos that show how happy they were filming this episode.


 screen caps

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