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Thursday, May 7, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Falling For Innocence Review

Another very late review...

What did I missed writing?

Fall in Love with Soon-Jung-p2.jpg

Hmmm...last time I posted the Chairman is still, alive. Yes, but unfortunately he passed away. It should be Kang Min Ho's triumphant day of all days, because he was waiting for the time he will win against his uncle. But death no matter what or who will not bring satisfaction to anyone even if that person is your lifetime enemy. Not in Min Ho's case. After all he was still his uncle, his blood relative. The death of Chairman Kang brought Min Ho  into reverie. Pondering on things that he has done. Work stood still for him. Even if Soo Jung showed her understanding and care towards him nothing seemed to make him go back to the office.

The twist turns out to be better for Min Ho, making him realize something. Greed will not stop just because his uncle died. Someone or others will take his place. Lee Joon Hee made his move. The Chairman has not passed away but he already took his place. His greed is showing. But will he succeed when Min Ho is still very much around?

Surprisingly, Min Ho decided to come back just when the company is going to place a new President. Oh yeah, Joon Hee's excitement went down the drain after Min Ho declared he will go for the position as the biggest shareholder of the company. Everyone was surprised to know he purchased the shares his uncle left. He just have to convince the laborer at the middle factory to trust in him. The company should have gone bankrupt in order to start again which was the real intention under Golden Partners agreement with Joon Hee and Min Ho. But because day by day, Soon Jung has been asking Min Ho to help the company instead as a legacy of his father, Min Ho decided to act on it. Truly against the rules which made Joon Hee mad. So much for early anticipation of victory and preparing for marriage proposal to Soo Jung.

Wow, Joon Hee has a thick skin, seriously!. The nerve of this man who cold blooded killed his friend Dong Wook. I think there was no excuse for the momentary insanity that took place inside him. The moment he hit the gas and run Dong Wook down in the streets, the moment of realization that he did a grave sin, and the decision to leave him instead of rushing him to the hospital says it all. Joon Hee's greed turned him into a more vicious and scary man. I think even lurking besides Soon Jung is so eerie and creepy.

Thankfully, Min Ho discovered where he got his heart already. So, whatever he feels towards Soon Jung must be rationalized. He thinks he must separate his heart and mind to know his real feelings for him, I like how he thinks he is in a triangle romance with Soon Jung with Dong Wook's heart inside him. All these are still secret to Soon Jung.

I am betting on Na Ok Hyun finding the exact clue that will make her hand cuff Joon Hee. Her instinct towards Joon Hee is not wavering but she needs proof. There was no blood found in the car he uses. Then a twist came up. Joon Hee's father owned up to the hit and run case of Dong Wook as he committed suicide. He thought taking all the blame will exonerate his son from paying his sins. Joon Hee who realized what his father had done cried a river but instead of getting enlightenment, his heart becomes even more vindictive.

Now he wants what Min Ho has. Everything! On top of it, Soon Jung who seems to fall for Min Ho. The love triangle will soon be intense. Although I like the lighter approach, the rom/com style between Soon Jung and Min Ho, I know that sooner there will be more twist that will bring tough situations between these two.

Golden Partners is ready to screw Min Ho for salvaging the company. And I think Joon Hee will be able to get Min Ho for one mistake that he will make.

So much has happened and the best part is that Min Ho was able to turn around and be a better person. The fight for the company is just starting. It will be Min Ho versus Joon Hee. Who is better at owning that company. Who has much right to the company.

I hope soon, Soon Jung will discover the lies Joon Hee hides from her. 

On a personal opinion about Yoon Hyun Min, I never thought the smiles I used to see and enjoy from him on other rom/com dramas will make me miss them now that he is a very effective second lead guy in a villain role.

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