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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Missing Noir M Episode 6 - Random Thoughts

First thoughts that came to mind right after watching episode 6.

Daebak ending in episode 6. GSH's character is slowly being revealed and it gets more interesting.
Well, I feel kind of lost in the episode and the purpose of LJE, the woman who left a video of herself and seeking help or attention. I know she felt guilty knowing and  thinking she was partly to blame for her father's death because of too many worries. But then, I was lost in the story on how come somebody needed to kill her? How has it become to be that complicated? Or am I missing something? And seriously, it is bothering that the drama [and others too] continue to show how suicide is the best option for everyone who faces problems. It seems that they have no other solution to their problems and it is sad. Self esteem is too low and no one seems optimistic about life. 
My curiosity is getting piqued by GSH and his choices and actions. Why did he threw LJE's mobile phone in the reservoir? He keeps on acting on his own, keeping important evidence, although it was revealed in this episode that he leaked the USB containing conversations  between Nam Tae Sook who was running for Justice Of Ministry in the previous episode. GSH has his own dark side, maybe, that he is still trying to hide. The drugs he asked from the lab needs prescription and use for psychosis and has effects of insomnia.

Detective Oh getting affected by this unsolved case of LJE is refreshing. I think seeing him letting out his emotions, makes his character more distinctive although I like his light and easy character, too. It's good to see that he lost his temper and show frustrations about the turn out of LJE's case.
Next episode is going to be more absorbing. Finally the preview showed Seo Joon break down..GSH saw her tattoo...what does it mean?
Hope to be enlightened on what happened in this episode? lol. I can't quite understand the logic in the end...o.O

So while writing this post, which I also posted in the soompi thread, one of the posters answered my query and enlightening me about my confusion. Anyway, she explained what is obvious already but my mind did not absorb. 
Going to share @bebebisous33 posted in answer to my post.
"​Because she couldn't kill herself. She tried to cut her wrists, but she hadn't enough courage. Her other motivation was to damage the company's name. Since she was shot, a suicide was ruled out, so that her unsolved case could be interpretated that company had something to do with her death. Hence people's comments were shown. This rumour would damage the company's reputation: her death, her video message on the internet ... all of it looks suspicious. But like she said, firing people means killing people, but the company would never be hold responsible for their deaths. Like the manager said, people die each day and who cares! She wanted to pillory the company. '

Knowing this, that she arranged all this to happen to her in order to make the company suffer the damage from the result of her death is still too tragic and hopeless. But then GSH saw in her mobile phone that the confirmation of her death, of the job well done or executed from the Triangle organization was also  disturbing because it revealed that she herself hired the assassin to kill her.
I know these random thoughts are perhaps chaotic to readers and visitors who may wander and read my post so will post a very short recap of the episode.

A woman, Li Ji Eun left a video message telling that her life is on the line and that there is a threat on her. She then disappeared. Oh and Soo Hyun looked for clues to find her. Her paintings were what was left on her place which Soo Hyun realized tell of different stories about other people who had committed suicide or possibly murdered. Finding them one by one, he learned that these people had all worked together in the same company with LJE's father who also died. The company fired these men with the excuse of restructing the company. These men have families who depends on them. LJE's father although not one of the fired employees lead them to start a demonstration, clearly fighting the injustices to them. LJE was only a student. There came a time when she asked her father to let her paint and draw. She already lost her mother at a young age. Now her father felt that his loyalty to his friends at the company was in conflict with his responsibility as a father. One friend from the company urged him to leave the group and be a father to his daughter. The worries he got from his decision resulted to too much stress that killed him. LJE was alone. No one came to guve her comfort. The uncles she knew from the company did not offer their respect to her father's funeral.This triggered emotional stress to her that made her seek them one by one and threw harsh words to them making them guilty. The guilts resulted to them taking their own lives. But then LJE found out that she was a part of the guilt her father carried when leaving his friends to deal with the sufferings from the company while staying by her side as a father. She realized the decision he made was for her but then it cause  his life in the end.
Now she is full of guilt but want to blame the company for the result that came from their selfish acts. Even if the company knew of the deaths of their former employees, no one seems to care. LJE wanted a but of revenge by ending her life through an assassin which will hopefully be linked bakc to the company even if it was her own doing.
The episode ended but the case was unsolved which made detective Oh felt frustrated and even if he asked Soo Hyun to side with him, Soo Hyun decided to heed the Director's decision to stop further investigation.
Oh's curiosity led him to look GSH's past. And it is interesting to note that by the end of the episode, Seo Joon wondered about the mobile phone of LJE that was turned on at the time of her death which coincide with GSH coming first at the crime scene.

Somehow Seo Joon has her own thoughts about it but decided not to ask for more. Soo Hyun was left looking at her as she leave.

I think Soo Hyun's dark past and whatever secrets he keeps to himself will soon be revealed. Those pills he keeps on taking are dangerous or will show some effects that will affect him psychologically. I think just as I predicted, he has PTSD [post traumatic stress disorder]. And it can be traced from what happened in his past.

for now these are my thoughts for this episode. screen caps already posted previously.


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