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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Sensory Couple Review - Chef Kwon Always One Step Ahead and It Is Creepy, Chincha!

Sensory Couple has made the drama interesting and creating a villain like Chef Kwon that really creeps me out is amazing.


Smart, meticulous, careful, always one step ahead, silent, gentle on the outside but deadly, Chef Kwon is the embodiment of these characters that is slowly but surely making viewers on the edge of their seats, heart pounding with fear. What makes the story really anticipated is that the villain is in close range, has the ability and luck to get informations about him while maintaining his anonymity. Since Joo Ma Ri's death he has been a suspect and up until doctor Chun's death he continues to earn the police's suspicions. Chef Kwon knew what he is doing. He perfects his alibis and even if he was being interrogated, his gentleness about the whole thing is key to avoid being caught. He never lose his patience.

This is one smart and intelligent serial killer that is making my heart pound whenever he is thinking his next plan. 

Moo Gak

There are a lot of coincidences between them that it seemed that everything that was charged on him and found not guilty will soon be a high price to pay. The moment when Chef Kwon stabbed Moo Gak , though unforeseen made him even more deadly and scary. He can act in cold blood, well, that's what a serial killer is and at the same time be nonchalant about it. As if he was taking a stroll at a park.

I thought with the police force at the hospital, he would get caught but once again, he is too smart for them. Moo Gak is clueless of the enemy in front of him. He may continue to suspect Chef Kwon but that was all he could ever do. The latest evidence about the DNA of the killer who went after a fake Choi Eun Seol and found out to be only an arsonist has the same DNA of the blood found in the scene. It was all Chef Kwon's doing. How he can plan ahead is something the police force should learn from him. It's becoming frustrating and at the same time laughable although I am not laughing, that he continues to avoid being caught. Even Moo Gak's phone is now hacked, all his calls and text messages will also appear in Chef Kwon's mobile phone. Is this not eerie enough?

Now the killer will have access to all confidential files or messages about him.

Cho Rim

The only living witness.

The story is now turning towards a much creepier scenario. Moo Gak found out that the witness is alive. Officer Yeom Mi finally solved the puzzle and found out that Cho Rim is Eun Seol, the witness to the crime. Cho Rim's father is hiding away from the police, not wanting to go back to the bureau to keep Cho Rim safe.

It's getting frightening as well as disturbing to see Cho Rim living ignorantly about her past and in close association with the murderer each day. The letter of Doctor Chun to Cho Rim got to Chef Kwon's library, not yet seen. But once it goes to his hands he will know that Cho Rim is the one he is looking for.

In the latest filming of the cooking show, someone recognized Cho Rim as Eun Seol. She thought it was a pseudonym but Cho Rim has yet to figure it out. The moment she stepped inside the chef's library to get a book was the moment she finally read Doctor Chun's letter to her as Cho Rim aka Eun Seol and the story about her past. The book she was reaching for toppled with some more books, thus bringing to her attention the letter.

Yeom Mi

She is one character that is passionate about catching the serial killer. It is as if her life depends on it. Her instinct told her it is definitely Chef Kwon. She only needs a strong evidence to put him behind bars. But then, Chef Kwon has read her determination and I think he found it fascinating and annoying and challenging at the same time dealing with her. I think the last conversation they had about her probes on his life made her a target for his next victim. It was there in his eyes. He is provoked and challenged. She was not backing out.

It is fortunate that she was able to unfold the mystery regarding the sketch of the woman that suddenly came in Cho Rim's mind. She now knew that the woman is her mother. Her instinct told her to keep the information to herself. She is also intelligent and patient. She now wants to act with cautious. I understand if she never told Moo Gak about Cho Rim. Everything may come to nothing if he will learn the truth and it might compromise their actions and plans.

Now that Chef Kwon has access to all Moo Gak's calls and messages, it is safe for awhile for Cho Rim. Kicking him out of the team may be harsh but as of now it is the best plan and move that Yeom Mi has done. She does not know about the hacked mobile phone of Moo Gak. But then not letting him to be a part of the team will make the team's plans and actions be confidential from Chef Kwon.

The heart pounding episode ending.

What does it matter if Moo Gak is out of the investigative team when Cho Rim is alone inside the library with the serial killer Chef Kwon who caught her reading something and seemed that it made her vulnerable and shaken?

Will Chef Kwon really find out that way? Please writernim, don't be to lenient on him. Don't let him know the secret yet. Please let us viewers take a breathe for awhile and make it more exciting by not unfolding her secrets to the killer.

How will that scene played differently from what is already anticipated? Ah, yes, chongma! Can someone send in to fetch the Chef please?

I am making my own scenarios just to calm my nerves. Chef Kwon will soon dry my blood if he continues to be one step ahead of them all. Even Cho Rim's fake father is now in his radar. And no one seems to have gathered the right ideas to catch the serial killer.

The Romance

Thankfully the writer is giving us more than we expected when it comes to romance part of the drama. Actually, I have no expectation but seeing the cute and lovey dovey moments between Moo Gak and Cho Rim brings smile and that sensation only romance can deliver.

Both are cute. Both are adorable when together. Moo Gak and his animated face is epic. Cho Rim and her silly thoughts are refreshing. I am loving the hugs and the kisses. Just right for this kind of drama. Light and affectionate.

Some more thoughts

Chef Kwon will surely continue to creep me out. His meticulous planning will be his edge. But I wonder when and how will he be careless? The story is going to be more unpredictable, for sure. I am expecting a mistake on Chef Kwon's action so that Moo Gak will be able to protect Cho Rim.

As for the rest of the detectives, I like the humor they inject every now and then. I also like how they are now looking at Moo Gak as a colleague and not a nuisance.

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