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Friday, May 8, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Sensory Couple Episode 11 -The Revelation... And My Heart Keeps On Pounding

Whose heart never beat so fast watching this scene? And I wished time would stand still for that moment or for Chef Kwon at least and like any fantasy drama, Cho Rim would be able to hide the letter and start again as if nothing unusual happened until Chef Kwon starts moving again and back to reality.

But of course, the writer wanted me to squirm in my seat as I watched the scene. It was nerve wracking and crossing my fingers someone from the team outside would come and fetch the chef. Well, seems like the writer heard my plea and Cho Rim was able to pull herself back from her chaotic thoughts and hid the letter as she crumpled it in her hands telling Chef Kwon it was her script for the cooking show. 

Whew! And to think this murderer fell for her alibi! Good job Cho Rim. Not that she was suspecting Chef Kwon at that time but still great that she hid her identity which she was still confused about. Then of course my prayers were answered as Chef Kwon's aide and some staff barged in at the library to tell him the filming will start.

I like the pacing so far. I think the revelation that happened in this episode is just at the right moment. Yeom Mi who had finally learned about Cho Rim and her past as the witness decided to kick Moo Gak from the team was [personally] a good decision. Chef Kwon continues to creep me out with the hacked phone of Moo Gak updating him of the inside information. Moo Gak was frustrated not knowing the real cause why he was ousted from the team. Even his colleagues are clueless and even asked Yeom Mi about the reason Moo Gak keeps on banging the conference door wanting to go inside until he was calmed down by the two detectives.

Cho Rim pondered about the letter in her possession. Someone already called her Choi Eun Seol while filming at Chef kwon's house. Then here was Doctor Chun with a letter telling her of her past as she lay unconscious in a hospital bed three years ago. Something feels not quite right but also feels like a piece of a puzzle was found regarding her lost memory. She sought her father and asked him about it. Oh Jae Pyo could no longer hide the fact that she is not his daughter. But Cho Rim's memory is still not coming back fully. She has no recollection of her parent's death which Oh Jae Pyo decided not to tell her at that moment. Father and daughter embraced.

Cho Rim did not tell Moo Gak about her real name. But because Moo Gak is determined to know what he needed to find out about the files concerning his sister's  murder, the two detectives helped him as they lured Yeom Mi away from her desk and together with the Chief, invited her to eat out. Moo Gak opened the computer and found out about the fishermen's file and the drawing/sketch that Yoem Mi seemed to have hidden from him. It was the sketch Cho Rim was trying to figure out from her memory about a woman. He also uncovered the registry file of Oh Jae Pyo and Cho Rim as his registered daughter. All clicked together as he realized Cho Rim is Choi Eun Seol and the witness from the crime three years ago. Unfortunately, her name made the murderer mistook his sister as the witness and killed her.

His thoughts were muddled. He loves Cho Rim but it is a fact that his sister also died because of their same name. Yeom Mi sought Cho Rim asking her if she wants her memory to come back but the latter decided not to pursue, avoiding unpleasant memories. Moo Gak also confronted Yeom Mi telling her he knew about Cho Rim but Yeom Mi is determined not to take him back because of his emotional attachments to the past and to Cho Rim.

This is another revelation that I am quite pleased to have happened sooner. Moo Gak met Chef Kwon by chance on his way to see Oh Jae Pyo. A very unexpected place for Kwon to be at unless he knew the place for other purposed. But then when Moo Gak received a text message, surprisingly Chef Kwon's phone also received at the same time. Something is definitely fishy here and it took Moo Gak on ly a second to realize that his phone was hacked when Chef Kwon borrowed it from him a few days ago.

Now both knew that one of them was caught. One of them is surely suspected of being the serial murderer. Moo Gak needs a strong proof to go after him. Chef Kwon was very laid back and nonchalant even if he was caught. Well he is a smart one. Again he is one step ahead of Moo Gak as Oh Jae Pyo already left the place where he stays and was picked up by Chef Kwon. Moo Gak missed Oh Jae Pyo.

The Big Reveal

This happened unexpectedly while Cho Rim was looking for Moo Gak at the headquarters. She overheard the three detectives talking about Choi Eun Seol as the witness and alive and why is she not coming forward to help them catch the murderer. She heard them say that Choi Eun Seol was confined in Jeju hospital where Doctor Chun worked and that she was pronounced dead that time,

Cho Rim finally knew the truth. It was her they were talking about. The witness to the crime.
It bothered her knowing it. KNowing Moo Gak's sister died in vain because she was mistaken as herself by the killer.

That night they celebrated Moo Gak's birthday. It was a sweet atmosphere.  Moo Gak as always is gentle and I think he finally accepted the fact that Cho Rim is not at fault for his sister's death. He loves Cho Rim even joking about marrying him. Cho Rim was quiet and timed the whole time even if Moo Gak continues to make her smile. 

That night she ended the relationship with him not telling him the whole truth. Moo Gak was at a loss and he asked her to tell the truth in a loud voice. Guess he was mad and frustrated with the beautiful night turned sour in the end.

The good news he was back on the team. He was given another chance by Yeom Mi. She also told him that Cho Rim knew part of her past. Cho Rim also looked for Yeom  Mi and decided to be a witness for the case. She also told her to use her whenever to catch Chef Kwon.

The creepy part, Oh Jae Pyo trusted Chef Kwon with some very useful informations like he has the witness. He also told Kwon he knew who was the killer's first victim which was a surprise to Kwon considering  no one knew even the other police investigating. It turned out that Oh Jae Pyo's daughter who went missing was found dead later and seemed that Kwon was the culprit. Then his wife was also a victim of Chef Kwon.

The scary part was that Kwon knew Oh Jae Pyo's family and now it was revealed that he has a daughter around 22 years old. This information is what he needs. This daughter could be the witness he is hiding from everyone and to him, the killer.

Nerve wracking scene continue as Chef Kwon offered Oh Jae Pyo coffee. Was there something in that coffee?

Omo...seemed likely because Cho rim got a message that her father is too drunk to go home and needed to be fetched. Fortunately, she was trying to locate her father since early that day that she told Yeom Mi about it. Yeom Mi asked for her father's mobile number and checked it. 

Cho Rim went to fetch her father, ending in Chef Kwon's place. Yeom Mi and her team saw a signal of the mobile phone at the area where Chef Kwon lives. She called Moo Gak and told him. She is also going there.

It's a bit confusing how Cho Rim did not seemed to realize it is Chef Kwon's house when she already have been there. And to think that she knew Kwon is being suspected of the crime.

Chef Kwon is like a predator, taking his time until his prey is within his reach. He was waiting patiently for her at a corner while Cho Rim was calling the phone he was holding, daughter clearly as the caller.

Another heart pounding ending! Has Chef Kwon realized already Cho Rim is the daughter and the witness? Omo..omo..omo....

Aigoo...this drama is going to make me faint with fear! Chongmal!

Look at that face! My gosh, he really is creepy and frightening! Will Cho Rim be able to make another excuses why she was there? And who she was calling?

Cjef Kwon is smart. Very smart. To be fooled by Cho Rim, twice is a miracle.

The climax of the story is nearing. Where is Oh Jae Pyo? Is he the next victim?

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