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Monday, May 4, 2015

[Screen caps and GIF] 150428 Girl's Day Yura Cut in Off To School Part 2

Short Recap

The three transfer students, Yura, Ji Won and Seul Gi were exempted from the evening class, making the rest of the students disappointed. The noise were loud asking them if they could stay, but of course, they could not.

Ji Won decided to treat the students with evening snacks of hamburgers and soda. He paid for them. He then went with two girls at a bookstore and bought some mangga books.

The funny part was when they went to collect their orders and realized the volume of their orders. A big box contained the sandwiches and another for the sodas. He carried the drinks while Yura and Seul Gi carried the box. But then, Seul Gi had to go for her next activity. She was so sorry she had to leave the two carrying heavy snacks while walking back to the school.

The students were so happy to receive the sudden treat. After their snack, Ji Won started singing OST of popular anime' heros but the students even Yura have never heard of. The generation gap was so clear as Yura jive with the students.

It was fun!

Yura was, once again very cheerful and blended well with the students. Love her laughs and her energized motions as she sang with the students.

Made some gif and screen caps.


source: girl's day fan sub video


screen caps

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