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Monday, April 25, 2016

[mslee's thoughts] First Thoughts on Marriage Contract Final Episode

Marriage Contract is not the typical over rated drama but it is one of the best written drama. It connects right through one's heart. Uee and Lee Seo Jin is the best OTP couple! The scenes were sincere and their actions seriously looks so genuine.

Marriage Contract-p1.jpg

First thoughts after the drama ended...

I just got to write down my initial thoughts and feelings right after watching this amazing drama. Too beautiful to let my feelings pass without writing them.

Marriage Contract left me with a warm feeling as it ended. A smile on my face together with that heart melting feelings inside and a positive vibe despite the impending death just around the corner. It was a nice romance that reminds me of A Walk To Remember. The story lingers even after it ended.
I want to applaud the writer for creating such lovely scenes and beautiful lines. It was simple, not loud, but everything was on spot and memorable. Hye Soo and Ji Hoon's love for each other is so beautiful. I can't remember any recent love story [well Boon Yi and Bang Won will always be a favorite] like Marriage Contract that shows this kind of romantic appeal and how the love story developed in a very predictable plot and scenario but still looks refreshing.
Thank you writernim for leaving soft smiles on viewers faces as Ji Hoon's monologue fades away in the background as the drama ends.
There is hope. And it's true that everyone's lives are numbered. We just got to live positive, feel the love, give love and be grateful for every minute of our lives.

Marriage Contract will be added to my favorite romantic stories ever told.

will be posting screen caps of 15 and 16 soon and write some more thoughts...


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