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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

[Videos] Marriage Contract Hang Over - OTP Behind the Scenes and Some More...

So I don't think I would feel the urge to ship these two actors, Lee Seo Jin and Uee considering their age difference. But...seriously! Their chemistry is so good and I felt that they were too comfortable doing the scenes in the drama.

Now I decided to cath up on some BTS and Press Con videos which I did not have time to watch then. And so...yes, feeling like I am going to ship them after seeing these videos! Ottoke? Anyway, whatever, they look beautiful and handsome together. Like the smiles, the teasing, the sneaky glances, well, Uee is more confident and not shy like Lee Seo Jin and of course, how she address him as "oppa". I find it cute because it reminds me how Ji Hoon in the drama urged Hye Soo to call him oppa and it took him a while to make her utter the endearing words.



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