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Saturday, October 14, 2017

[GIF] Episode 2 Because This Is My First Life

Highlights of the episode..

The fun part of watching episode 2 is waiting when will the revelation happen of the two of them living together in the same place.

Seems that it has to happen sooner than I thought.

Riding the lift together...
She came from doing grocery while he came from recycling the trash. Not anticipating this reuinion though SeHee went inside the elevator with Ji Ho already there.

But then she realized who the man thatbgot inside the lift. The same time he looked at her. Recognition came fast!

The girl who kissed him!
The stranger she kissed!
Suddenly...it was awkward. And hot?

Panicking right after he left. But wait...he live in the same building. In the same floor? What will she do?

The funny thing was she hurried inside the unit where she lives and prayed that she won't see him again.

She was just thinking about the kiss and the guy who was a complete stranger. What are the chances she will see him again?

Ahm...like 95% chance? 
Coz here he is staring at her wondering how did she enter and knew the passcode.
What a surprise!


Yup..it's him..the owner of the unit.
Yes it is a she not a he.
And she has been living there with him for sometime now.

It was so awkward she had to say something about the kiss. It was spontaneous but she is sorry. He told her it is not a frontal attack but offside attack. Something about soccer thing. Well they knew what it meant. Me? Nope.

Although it was uncomfortable she had to stay. At least until she finds another place.

Work is good. She was offered to write for a new drama. The director she had a crush will be working with her.
Kind of problematic for her because of her feelings.

Some of the quirky side of seeing your roommate sleeping like that!

Doing daily chores...
As usual.

Talking about the kiss.
He came up with good excuse for her behavior.
Always the analytical person. He has a way of making it seems calculated approach.

Starting her work. The writer she used to assist was there in their meeting. Something feels uneasy and fishy.

(Hmmm reminds me of TOL..really!)

Another uncomfortable night for them.

But soccer seems to be their one mutual likes.

Se Hee's mother met Ji Ho and was shocked she lives with her son. Not a girlfriend she was told. Only a roommate.

I am so looking forward to the development of romamce between these two if there is any.

And so her story is being revised and she is not liking it.

Good thing she has courage to be blunt about it.

Since she stayed out of the house and using one of the rooms where she can sleep ( i believe it was in the network or company she works for) because she plans on finding a new place to live.

But this guy whom she thought was nice and led her on for 3 years is now harrassing her.

Glad she was strong enough to push him. I felt her frustrations.

It was as if her world was turned upside down. No where to go. She felt alone. And she badly needs to sleep!

Her feet led her back to his place.

She was a mess and he could tell something happened but did not ask further.

It was as sudden as the kiss. He asked her to marry him.

And she said yes.

I think as a logical person he already calculated the pros and cons of marriage to her. Maybe he thought something changed when she left. His orderly house and life became a mess when he felt glad during the time she stayed there and dis her share.

As for Ji Ho..she wants someplace to stay. A place where she can sleep. A place where she can be comfortable. A place where she is needed? Unconditionally? But they have rules to follow they started with compromise. But then she is okay as long as she has a good and nice place to stay. 

Am i right? What could be running on her mind?

More likely..
She is so sleepy she did not care!

Life is sometimes tiring. And there are times life is suffocating. Sometimes you want to give up but you can't.

Two souls.
Destiny made them meet. Chances of romance is likely to develop. 

When strangers live together...

Until next episode.


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