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Monday, October 9, 2017

( screencaps) Episode 3 My Golden Life

Highlights of the episode

Ji An or Eun Seok to her real parents was found after Ji Soo's twin died in an accident. Ji An then was by the roadside when she was found. Someone took her from her real mother and left her starved and bruised and with bug bites. She was then like heaven sent to a mother whose daughter died and looked after and loved.

But the time has come to let her get back to her real family. Without knowibg the truth she continue to work part time in a chicken restaurant. 

I love the dynamics of father and daughter relationship of Ji An and her "father". He really loved her like a real daughter and his concern is heartwarming. He even make time to see her and to feed her knowing she would not want to burden him.

Then Ji Soo continue to wait for that phone call from her crush who ironically thinks Ji An as his first love. He is not intersted in Ji Soo (poor girl) and he deleted her number from his phone.

Do Kyung is also waiting for Ji An's call about her debt. But soon found out that she lost her job. An event required a translator and Do Kyung call her to do the job.

She did what was offered. But then Do Kyung had to go home and leave the event for some family urgent issues like finding Eun Seok.

The ending of the episode is the epic revelation that she, Ji An is the daughter of Haesung Group.


These scenes made me teary eyed.

Sometimes I find Ji Soo annoying

Ji An and Do Kyung

A memory of their first encounter..

Ji Soo told him about Ji An jobless..


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