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Friday, October 13, 2017

[GIF] While You Were Sleeping episode 4 Highlights


Sad thing about this kind of scenario is that why does the father or the driver has to be heroic? The soldier is not moving or threatening anyone.. The driver requested the bus to be emptied...
Soldier decided not to move...
Then why did he not go down with his passengers and left the soldier? 

Does the dream has to happen anyway? 
The father knew then that it could be the end for him..still he decided to stay.

How cruel must have been to witness his death by his daughter?

Just like the fate of So Yoon. She plans on poisoning her father...

A plan that she has to do it herself.not believing her father will be prosecuted. 

She is right.
Currently Jae Chan and Yeo Boom talking about the case.

Not injury but assault.

Assault depends on the accuser/victim if she will want him prosecuted.
Injury, the prosecutor will go ahead despite the feelings of the victim, in this case a wife.

Medical reports have been tampered. The dates have been changed. 

It will be a no win case..

Jae Chan decided to dismiss the case

But he dreamed of his brother telling him it was his fault.

The same time Hong Joo dreamed of a guy who will be framed for murder.

He had to see her.
He doesn't believe. He wants to tell her he does not want to be involved.
Until it involves his brother.

The connection...
They met when they were young.

But they have yet to figure it out.

Is her ability to see fate through her dreams connected to young Jae Chan when they met?

Has fate tangled their lives and their future through sharing the same dreams?
How is that possible?

Or maybe this is a premonition of Hong Joo about Jae Chan's future and fate?
Will their paths a prologue if what's to happen to Jae Chan?


...and the impending tragedy looms..


And she told him what will happen to his brother.


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