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Friday, October 13, 2017

[GIF] Episode 3 While You Were Sleeping Highlights

I am trying to catch up on posting some thoughts and gif/screencaps on the drama.

highlights of the episode

What started out as a dream of Hong Joo became a dream of Jae Chan. It was weird that he also dreamed.the same dream as her but using his gut he made a reversal of the outcome of that dream.

No one died. He saved the policeman who was supposes to be hit by Hong Joo's car.
Even if it was a foolish thing to do, the outcome was good in a sense. Hong Joo believed him. She should. She knew about the dream.

But Yeo Boom was not thankful though. He was in the loop. But then he was supposed to be the jerk in this scenario if the accident happened. Not knowing is much fun. At least Hong Joo will have a reason to stop seeing him without telling him what a liar he was or would have been.

His second life? I wonder how this changes his future? He was supposed to die but he did not. Will his end come in another form or will he be spared because the course has been navigated away from him?

Hong Joo telling him avout the same dream.  She was grateful. She told him her dreams aCuan'scome true Jae Chan's interferance was a relief for her mother will survive.

But he remained skeptical? Non believer? He definitely is not a psychic.

The impending accident that will cause Jae Chan's brother his future is about to happen.

Park So Yoon is a pianist. Her mother is suffering abuse from her father. She is a classmate of Seung Won, Jae Chan's brother.

During her press con her mother fainted and shoe marks found on her front dress. Initial reaction of her father was to deny that he had anything to do with it. 

It was suspicious that the he was immediately reported to the police.

Hong Joo and Jae Chan moments

Is she weird?
Or just presumtious?

Now they are arguing about the hug.❤❤❤

Now he is a stalker?
Hong Joo-ya!

Next morning is another day and seems a good day for her.
Preparing rice in a heart shape.
Only for Jae Chan.

Time to get back at her for that rice cakes she refused when he moved into the neighborhood.

But of course it did not spoil her day. She knew his routine that morning.
Thanks to her dream.

The kite..

The coffee shop..

Yup.. It happened.

The train ride...

But then he does not want to believe anymore.
He does not want to interfere.
He is a prosecutor.
His job is not to prevent crime if there is...

I understand Hong Joo. For the first time someone also dreamed the same things as her dreams and has the power to reverse the outcome. If only she can do something to prevent people from dying...

The umbrella she gave him but he gave back could have come handy now.
But he was stubborn. 

Yeo Boom and his client.
Concucting evidences to disprove injury and just make the abuse look assault.

The break up!

The dream...

Will a tragedy be prevented or not?


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