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Saturday, October 14, 2017

[mslee's thoughts] [GIF] Episode 1 Because This Is My First Life - First Thoughts

I love the pilot episode. A drama that is about sharing a house. A drama that tells of difficulties of living and finding a place in the real world. A drama about having to live a life in a family that does not care for a daughter. A drama showing the modern side of living.

Jung So Mi and Lee Min Ki have great chemistry.

I think the drama started in a nice pace. Solid writing. Will be looking for the development of the story with anticipation.

Yoon Ji Ho

The heroine.
She wishes to be a writer.πŸ‘

Since childhood she has always wanted to celebrate her birthday blowing candles after a wish. But she is living with a father who is patriarchal who of course favors her brother.

Now...her wish had come true. She is an assistant writer and writing scenarios for a drama.

I love Yoon Do Joon and Han So Hee's cameo in the drama as the actors in a story.

Ji Ho who has been living in with the writer finished her part and now going home for the first time in a long while.
(Same role for the writer character in TOL.. πŸ˜‚)

Excited to go home.
On her list...
1. Hot shower
2. Sleep
And some more...

But surprise..surprise...!!!
House is a mess.
Soiled shirts everywhere.
She cleaned first.
Do laundry.
And then banging on her brother's door who seemed to have not heard her since she came but still no response.
She then opened the door.
What a sight!

He is with a girl on his bed.

As if the devil is chasing her she ran fast away from the house. Her brother running after her.
It was an awkward moment.

She can't stay in the same house. They are newley weds. She plans on moving to another place but her financial condition is not good. She drank with her friends.

Meet the lead male of the drama...
Nam Se Hee.
On the weird side...
He just decided to kick out his current roommate for violating a number of rules in their contract.

Her new sister in law is pregnant and it is a boy!
There goes her speech about how she has spent her earnings sharing everything.

Finding house within her budget is tough!

There is an offer from a friend's friend to share a room in a nice place. The only catch is that she feeds the cat and do recycling of trash.

She thought the owner is the girl in the photo. The name Se Hee sounds girly.

But this is the real Se Hee.

Seems His roommate is ok. Se Hee thought Ji Ho is a man.

They haven't had chance to meet yet. They have different schedules.

Se Hee is satisfied with his new roommate he is ready to make the contract.

Ji Ho went to see "her" and thought Bomi was Se Hee who is clueless.

The assistant director who she had worked with for 3 years.
She has feelings for this guy.

She is waiting for what he will tell her. Seems it was something good
 But Se Hee who was in the same place disrupted the conversation. He needed to walk passed through them.
Great timing!

Outside she met SeHee again and they have mutual passion for watching soccer. She watched with him and after telling him about a guy she likes only to find out that guy was flirting or in a relationship with the girl who acted in the drama she had co written.

Reality bites!

Se Hee witnessed it all.

At the bus stop they met again.

They talk.

For some reason she was fragile and maybe in need to seize the moment. Maybe to feel how it was like to kiss a stranger. Or just to kiss.

Without a moment of hesitation...
She kissed him suddenly!

Then left.

Not knowing they will meet again.

Because they live in the same house!

What adventure awaits both Se Hee and Ji Ho?

I love the episode. It is good and fun and realistic.


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