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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Confirmed! Choi Minho Joins MBC's New Drama Medical Top Team

Finally, Minho is going to play a young doctor in the new drama Medical Top Team along with Kwon Sang Woo, Jung Ryeo Won, Joo Ji Hoon and Oh Yeon Seo, who will be his love interest in the drama.

This is a good choice for Minho for he gets to act along side one of the best actors in K-dramas.  Fans are surely awaiting this comeback of Minho in the small screen.


  1. *decided to come back here to try an type it all again… though yaawwnn… sleepy sleepy :DDD*
    So below are some of the description of Minho’s upcoming role ....
    From Mwave “Minho′s role Kim Sung Woo is the youngest member of the medical team, and is known to be a good colleague thanks to his manners. His looks also help him stand out, along with his stylishness and his guardian-angel-type kindness toward Ah Jin (Oh Yeon Seo). While Kwon Sang Woo, Jung Ryeo Won and Joo Ji Hoon will mainly lead the story, Minho will lighten the mood with his love stories and personality. He plans to put on a character completely different from the charismatic image he dons onstage. “
    From Dramabeans : “…. a new addition in idol-actor Min-ho (To The Beautiful You) who will play the team’s maknae……. I will admit I’m going to have a hard time believing he’s the best in his field, per Team Genius’s requirements. He’s adorable as a maknae anything, but let’s just say To The Beautiful You isn’t exactly a ringing endorsement of acting skills for anybody. ………….Min-ho will play a third-year resident in thoracic surgery, and he’s the only character who’s just plain nice, no caveats and hidden agendas. Well, if you don’t count unrequited puppy love as an agenda. He’ll have a one-sided crush on Oh Yeon-seo’s character, and be her guardian angel. He’s described as well-mannered and quick on the uptake, which should come in handy as the low-on-the-totem-pole worker bee on the team.”

    Three keyphrases : good-mannered personality and love story and a doctor role!
    If you have time can you share your thoughts about Minho’s previous acting MsLee? And what do you think he should put more emphasize on to : his good-mannered character or his role as a doctor ?

    IMHO.. really really in my humble opinion :
    Firstly, Minho himself is already a …. potpourri (hahaha sorry for randomness and my bad English writing) of good mannered young man mixed with another potpourri of adorableness, dorkiness, playful and a lil bit nosy at times, plus an intense atheletism (Dream Team Ace !).. and a gazillion other goodness haha!
    I just rewatched WGM eps 178 where MinKey visited Taemins WGM home, and had another round of good LOL’s … and I secretly wish that he would show this sides of him in this upcoming drama.

    Secondly , love relationship is nothing new for Minho, be it drama or real life… So I am really wishing that considering the time constraint, Minho would trust his everyday self. Of course he still has to figure how he has to bring all that out in a somewhat optimum balance and hopefully show a lil bit more of 3 dimensional acting… (not that I understand completely how to do that…hahaha)

    So for me, Minho should definitely put more emphasize on the doctor role… I really hope he would really really focus on doing research on how to act as a thoracic surgeon… … I have more to say about this, possibilities about how Minho would want to portray it based on previous Medical drama that Ive watched in the past.. but maybe I’ll continue later okay MsLee :DD

    Looking forward to your next posts! MsLee Fighting !

  2. Love your visiting commenting here in my page. never a dull moment reading your insights!!!! go girl...you are always welcome here. especailly if it's about our couple. sometimes due to my so many followings, dramas...i have no time to write more.

    well, I am hoping that this role would give Minho more depth and i believe he has already proven himself as a rookie back then, he is not just a pretty face, he sure can deliver his lines perfectly with the right emotions. glad that he is included in this drama because all his sunbaes here are great actors. he can learn a thing or two and he will be alongside their names in the acting field.

    of course, mslee here will never miss an episode of this drama and will certainly make reviews and lots of screen caps! maybe focus on our bias, Minho.


    again thank you! welcome always....:)

  3. mslee I found a pic of our Minho<3.. possibly practicing in an operation room ...
    wow..wow..wow.. Minho GO .. GO.. GO.. ! :DD

    got it from clicking from here : http://tieba.baidu.com/f?kw=%D2%BD%D1%A7%CD%C5%B6%D3

    waaa excited.. excited... Minho Fighting !

    ps : I went another round of our Minsul TTBY Anniversary videos again... and i noticed my comments were spammed, i think 1 deleted and 1 not published (the uploader set the permission setting)... waaaa.. so sad... did i do say something wrong.. o well... I'm still grateful though for all of the anniversary videos... Minsul Fighting <33 ! mslee Fighting <33 ! :DD

  4. followed another source, and I think this is the original source perhaps mslee?
    ... dont understand a word of it though..hahaha:DD

    but AsianWiki also uploaded the same pic...

    waaa excited excited... more updates please Medical Top Team Production staff !

    i hope you dont mind me coming here again n again n again to comment mslee :DD

    mslee fighting ! wavvvesss :DD

    ps : i just read again that long comment i wrote previously and went pffftttbwaahahaha... my English is so confusing right ? :DD

  5. OMG OMG OMG..turns out soompi also has a thread for our Minho<33's new drama mslee !
    *sigh*... remembering how desperate im clicking here and there to find links...bwahahahaahahha...


    i see chingus from minsul thread also here, and also flamingho is also here updating ..yaaay !...

    hope youre doin OK there mslee ... n hope you'll have a great weekend !

    Minho Fighting ! Minsul Fighting ! Flames Fighting ! Minsullians Fighting! :DD

  6. hi! :))

    no, I don't mind, you can visit all the time and leave any comments about minsul..been busy lately no time to update. no worries i plan on visiting medical top team thread...

  7. YESSSHHH.. i saw your comment.. waaa this is so gonna be an exciting anticipation for me... though I second what flamingho wrote... if our Minho<33 actually pulls this one off well, its totally a MIRACLE.. considering his crazzyyy unreal schedule! . I just saw seconds of that Diving show preview aired immediately after todays WGM, and thats seriously no joke, theres so many different difficult types of diving... oiii Minho<3 please stay SAFE !

    and also.. I just read your post on the lead actress and actor of Good Doctor, and even them, who are much much more experienced in acting had study thoroughly, read, observe, read again, research, intepret, imagine... and finally decide how to act it out, to be their own doctor and put their own 'flavour' in it.

    will be praying for our Flaming Minho ! <3<3
    about Minsul..... but on second thought mslee, after visiting soompi's minsul thread, everyghing i post, is already posted there.. and a gazillion times more complete hahhaa... zee just posted a serious of breathtaking fanarts that just made me awwww <3<3<3. ... so sorry for crowding your comment box, just because I got super worried that something might be off between our Minsul <33... though to be honest I still am !

    *bows* thanks again for letting me comment a gazillion coment here.. and sorry for that personal deleted comment story of mine, i wanted to delete it but no delete option though hahaha....

    will still be waiting for your post on the Japan TTBY event mslee.. just if you have time OK... saaankyuuu saaankyuu and a gazillion times saaankyu again for your Minsul post <3<3<3

    stay healthy and happy and take care during your busy days mslee ! Fighting !

    waaavvesss :))))