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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Moon Chae Won Is Happy To Be in Competition with Moon Geun Young?

Moon Chae Won Is Happy To Be in Competition with Moon Geun Young?

cre: soompi

Moon Chae Won is not afraid of some competition from her “Moon” sister, Moon Geun Young.
At the press conference for the upcoming KBS drama “Good Doctor,” Moon Chae Won was asked about competing with Moon Geun Young. “Good Doctor” is the KBS competition for MBC’s “Goddess of Fire, Jung-yi,” which stars Moon Geun Young. Both are in the primetime Monday-Tuesday drama timeslot. 
Moon Chae Won revealed that she called Moon Geun Young when she had her press conference for “Goddess of Fire.” The “Good Doctor” lead continued, “We met years ago in the same drama, but I am happy to be meeting her through different dramas. Rather than competing, I am happy that our dramas are airing together. Moon Geun Young is doing a historical drama again after some time, and I think she is playing a character she wanted. I am giving her my support.”
Moon Chae Won concluded, “It’s unfortunate that I am too busy to watch both dramas, but I am a happy fan.”
Moon Chae Won and Moon Geun Young met through the 2008 SBS drama “Painter of the Wind.” In it Moon Chae Won played a gisaeng who was in love with Moon Geun Young’s character, a female pretending to be male in order to become a master painter. The two won the Best Couple Award at the 2008 SBS Drama Awards after receiving much love for their chemistry.
Moon Chae Won plays a pretty, smart, and confident second-year fellow in the pediatric surgery department against male lead Joo Won. It premieres August 5. “Goddess of Fire” has already started airing.

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