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Friday, August 2, 2013

Empire of Gold - Episode 10 Review Updates

I think that my previous posts of screen caps already told the story of what happened in two episodes back to back. I will just share my thoughts on some scenes, share my own point of views about them. These were what I already shared via soompi and posting it here in my own page.

This is mslee1107 and her thoughts

Empire of Gold Episode 9 Review: Kim Mi Sook Leaves Mean Words to Park Geun Hyung Before His Death

Empire of Gold Episode 9 Review: Kim Mi Sook Leaves Mean Words to Park Geun Hyung Before His Death

Jul 29, 2013
In Empire of Gold, episode 9, Han Jung Hee(played by Kim Mi Sook) left mean words to her husband, Choi Dong Sung(played by Park Geun Hyun) before his death.
Jung Hee said to him, “I prayed all night long for help when you had your eye surgery seven years ago. I prayed for the success of the surgery, and to let you live longer. But now you can go.” Dong Sung barely said, “Don’t hurt Seo Yoon(played by Lee Yo Won).
Jung Hee continued, “Don’t worry. Seo Yoon’s still young enough to live in prison. Don’t die yet. I have more to say to you. When he comes greeting you in heaven,  please tell him that I have never forgotten about him. That I was always his wife, and will be.”

Reading this review, without bias, just as an onlooker/bystander, i want to understand Jung Hee. If we look deep and beyond her, we will see a woman who after all these years had only one true love in her heart. This alone, we can understand her and where is she coming from. A pregnant woman, widowed suddenly, vulnerable, perhaps even penniless, furious at the one who she thought caused the death of her beloved husband but had to keep all her emotions buried inside her heart for 20 years, and with all determination act the obedient wife, really, it takes a very strong woman to make it this far.

And now that the chance she had been waiting for all those years are within her grasp, her revenge could not come any sooner. 

I would like to give her a chance to feel even for a short time, triumph for what she had endured as a woman who stayed loyal to her first husband. Because, it's not easy being in her position.

But, citing all these things for her, I also want her to wake up from her foolish dreams. She has a wonderful son, who without a doubt loves her for all she is, good and bad, and I want her to see him intact as a person and not broken. Because what she is doing right now, all the consequences might bounced back and her son might be one of the casualties.

Episode 10

some scenes I like:

1. MinJae and his Dad talking. MinJae felt betrayed by his own father. I think from the very first, he felt Dong Sung was being unfair to his father. We knew the story of how it became SungJin corp. And he promised his father he would make the employees vow their heads to him someday. So basically, besides "revenge" he wanted to own what he thinks is theirs in the first place for his father. But in the process, he felt let down by his own father. If only MJ would clear his mind, he would see and read what his father has been saying to him, that of a wise man, who has lived his life feeling wronged, just like MJ now, and he knew the consequences of carrying that anger/envy that destroyed family, in their case, their relationship as siblings.

2.  when TJ put a hand on MJ to stop talking and let him be, when he told SY to exchange 10 affiliates to the 1 billion [won/dollar?] she needed. between TJ and MJ, TJ controls him. He is the one clearly making decisions. 

3. Though Won Jae is a weak brother, I do understand his feelings as the eldest. Setting aside their richness, their motives why they want it to be a family or state funeral, I see that deep inside, WJ wants to be that older brother, the son who was supposed to take care of his family after his father passes away. If only there's no wealth involved. I remember when Dong Sung was in his last breath, before he really died, his thoughts were of Dong Jin and Won Jae. Maybe, in his mind, he realized that he did not gave them a chance to be acknowledged by him. Won Jae begging him to say he was a good son. Dong Jin telling him to start over. 

4.  I love eye contacts between TJ and SY.


if they haven't realize it yet that they are probably attracted towards each other [coz it can happen, really in this kind of situation] then looking at them in these photos, it's a probability that they are already feeling that tension/atmosphere but has yet to realize it coz they are being shadowed by their wanting to defeat each other.

last...every episode always has a powerful scene. for ep 10, it was MinJae and his dad's scene for me.

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