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Friday, August 2, 2013

130802 Choi Minho - MBC 'Medical Top Team' Script Reading

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  1. mslee, i think i must force myself to find time to sincerely watch Good Doctor... have been reading worries about how viewer will respond to yet another medical drama, our Minho<3's MTT.

    my problem is, my reference of medical drama starts from E.R, Grey's Anatomy and several Jdramas.
    Though same OR, different culture, different ambience, different environment, different atmosphere right... i need to watch one medical Kdrama. its been so long, TTBY the only exception, since I actually finish a drama completely from ep 1 till end.. hahahahaha

    yooosssh.. Good Doctor, i must watch ! Fighting !

  2. actually Good Doctor deals with a practicing/resident doctor [Joo Won] who has Savant Syndrome [a kind of autism]. But having it is an advantage to him, yet he can't perform well as of now coz of his disability. His efforts and sincerity as a doctor are being challenged and questioned, coz he can not take an emergency situation as calmly as any doctor should be. The story revolves around him, and the discrimination he has been receiving.I have not done any reviews about it cox I might write a mistake coz of the medical terms. but I think MTT won't have the same plot, coz it will focus on the individual excellence [i hope i'm right here] of the doctors and maybe there will be competition among them. The same in GD, there is a competition, but, anyway, let's wait and see. if you have time, GD is also a good watch.