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Sunday, July 28, 2013

[MinSul] Sulli, Waiting for Her First Love...

excerpts from the article

cre: allkpop

f(x) Sulli Confesses She Never Had A First Love?

f(x) are currently promoting their new title track "Rum Pum Pum Pum", a song about first loves, and they recalled their own first experiences.

Although Sulli previously mentioned that she once fell for one of her bodyguards, it seems that wasn't enough to be considered her first love as she confessed, "I've never had a first love. It will come someday I hope?" 


This article caught my eyes and my MinSul visitor. An article about sharing what it feels like having first love. Among the group, Sulli was ,like a babe, although confessing a certain attraction to one of her bodyguards, but easily disregarded it as not first love [hmmm...maybe the right word would be "crush"]. She is right though in saying that and not categorizing it as "first love". It's natural to feel some kind of attraction to someone who is always there by your side, protecting you, because this scenarios bring out the manly appeal of the person doing it for you.

Minsul shippers might say Sulli is not telling the truth or denying about her first love. I think it might be really the case for our baby Sulli. She never had a first love and hoping for it to come someday.

But what is first love in the real sense of the word? A feeling of romance in the air, it envelopes you making you feel all sorts of firsts that are making you wonder why. Hasn't she felt it yet? Sulli thinks she hasn't had yet, but maybe she doesn't want to put label or any name to what she felt to someone. That's why she answered it that way.

The shipper in me wants to challenge her answer in a fun way. I am not in a position to say or put words in her mouth just to make the MinSul shipper in me happy and satisfied. But what I can do is to list some things that will probably make her realize, she did had or is having her first love right now.

1. She is so comfortable with her oppas in the company, feeling loved and protected, she doesn't know when/if the feelings suddenly shift.
2. Working with a senior/oppa Minho in TTBY is just natural and not surprising because they have done a lot more activities together as f(x) and SHINee, she thought she thinks of him as a colleague and entertainer.
3. She felt uneasy doing their love lines together, the intimate kiss scenes, yet after the filming she probably shied away from thinking her pulses raced a million miles per second and kept saying to herself, "it's natural, it's my first on screen kiss with him".
4. But what about the BTS that showed Minho teasing her and she was liking it very much, even staying close to him? Was it not weird staying close with skinship even in between scenes?  
5. The things that happened right after TTBY, the sudden change in their aura, the cellphones always on hand, some couple things found in them suggest that friendship did shift from a natural/comfortable one to more closer and mature oppa/dongsaeng relationship. The call made from Amazing f(x) exclusively for her was something intimate, though the conversation wasn't, still it told Sulli was special to him.

I could cite a lot more but we already knew them. What I am saying is that, these happened and we are seeing a beautiful development between our OTP, but the timing for confessing about such feelings is not yet now. Ergo, she is still waiting for that first love. But whatever she has right now, she is definitely glowing, maturing, turning into a fine lady and we know that these things happen in a woman when love has finally touched her heart. Because it is where the inspiration comes to feel alive and pretty always just like Sulli.

this is mslee1107 with my random thoughts:))


  1. Awwww <3<3<3 I'm a lil bit overwhelmed reading this beautifully written post of yours MsLee ... yes, I think Minsullians have to accept it like how you explain it or maybe other similar explanations... but the most important thing is that it is evident that Sulli is a dear "dongseng" to Minho !
    Alright! We'll be patient dearest Minsul, hopefully something will come up.. SOON !
    Mystery of The Ring, perhaps ? :DDD
    (I am actually waiting for pictures of at least ALL Shinee supporting fx comeback, but none showed up right ? come on.. at at least one Minho Oppa shoulder hugging our gloowing lovely lovely Sulli<3 pleasseee ... :DD)

    sorry Im late to comment MsLee, I actually already written a long comment on your Minho accepting the medical doctor role, but next thing I dont know what happen, probably I accidentally pressed something and the page shifted... hahahaha.. I was too sleepy to type it all again... but basically after being ecstatic, then I went to read some articles.. then I got worried cause this role actually demands Minho to thoroughly study about acting out a believable intern... and how is he suppose to do that with the super compact upcoming schedule... some comments really upset me though regarding Minho's acting ability.. hopefully I'll have time to chat about this with you... October come soon, and hope MsLee will recap it too OK !

    saaankyu again.... am off to bed with a warm happy heart now... <3<3

  2. you know what, i want you to join the soompi forum, minsul thread coz your high/ecstatic response about our OTP will surely bring brightness and lightness even more to the forum. your positive energy transfer to someone else's who reads your post.

    pls always visit..you are welcome.

  3. dear mslee, hope you are doing fine there.... am bit hectic here....
    just curious as to whether you have watched the newest Minsul youtube.com/watch?v=36FlLU9vhHQ?
    now why is it, that after kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa <33333-ing the first time... i went... eeeeeeeeeeehhh.. why isnt Minho his usual self, always shoulder hugging Sulli... and especially this is after all a TTBY event... ? am I wrong to sense some awkwardness here.. or is this a "good-trying-hide-the-real-Minsul" awkwardness....
    i am sincerely and patiently waiting for your analysis.. MsLee *worried without any reasonable reason :DDDD*

    ps: do you write fanfics.. and also are you an editor / beta... just thought to ask .....

  4. will check that vid. really grateful to you for pointing out minsul vids to me..I'm also quite busy so details like that most of the times passed me by. anyway, it's TTBY 1st year anniversary soon and I did a video just to celebrate Minsul. Will share the link soon coz I can't reveal it yet, waiting for a go signal from my soompi friends. it's not really good, but, well, anyhow i did something, yeah....:))
    no, i am not yet into fanfics but I do hope I would be able to do one and of course about Minsul. It's taxing to start one, and I know I really need a wide imagination to finish it with more than a few chapters. but maybe someday. anyo...i'm not an editor...hehehehe..
    thank again for the visits and the comments.

    hope yoy are also doing well with your stuffs. waves...:))

  5. oiiii MsLee it happened again... i already wrote down a looonggg comment and then the page shifted.. hu huu huuu TT... no worries.. ill come back and write it down again... but for now.. here's the photos from from that TTBY event... and NO.. NONE whatsoever ... the usual lovely lovely affection our Minho<3 always shows when he's around Sulli, shoulder hugging and patting her head... eeeeeeeeh.. even if it turns out that Minho is JUST an oppa to Sulli... its OK.. we want Minsul <3<3 :DDD
    am still keeping my fingers crossed though, waiting for the complete footage.

    ah jjinja yo? jeongmal yo?.. but for me, you already have the potential to write, a good English and an analytical thinking, ... no a creative analytical mind at that.. so hopefully you will be able to write one day ne ne neeee ? mslee fighting ! :DD maybe we can collab neee ?

    waaavessss :))))

  6. oiiiii mslee ... am back for a bit...
    is this your video.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AwfHc09Yqv0... waaaaa.... i am teary just watching it again... so many thoughts and memorieis came rushing back..
    Minsul is real right ? they have got to be real ... arent we Minsullians too hopeful ?
    *sigh*.. Sulli<3 was also clingy to Minho especially during the second Seoul TTBY event right.. why arent there any pictures from the Japan event.... complete footage come soon ! :DDDD Looking forward to your next one msLee !

    i think i made an account at soompi maybe in 2011, but then i forgot the password hahaha... the same as in YT.. made 3 already and forgot 2 ... babo me ! :DDDD this is my second account, and even my friend has to help me figure out the password :p

    OK.. will come back again later mslee...

    waveeeessss :DD

  7. hi..i haven't write anything about that TTBY footages but will, promise. yes, it's my video but the new one will be officially released on the 15th. got to follow my friends wishes at the thread, it's for TTBY anniversary and many joined in making fanarts and stuffs. will share them here once they are out.

    you always makes me feel smiling/laughing and happy with your comments. thank you:)

  8. your welcome mslee.... no worries, just write when you're inspired ! haha!

    here's some new footages, but only less than 30 seconds
    ..and here I go again.... oiiiiiiii...I'm worried... where's our cuddly Minsul <33

    but then I read some fan comments from Minsul Facebook..and took a deeeep breatttthh and then a gllllaaaddddd sigh , wishing what they wrote was objective !
    from https://www.facebook.com/pages/MinSul-Minho-and-Sulli/458672737512009
    "30811 Japan Premium Event~

    the MC asked the audience if anyone wanted to have Hyunwoo's back hug, Minho raised his hand and Sulli sneakily walked backside of the stage. and then Huynwoo stood up to hug Minho. and the fan described every time kiss scenes were playing, Minho's hands and feet were dancing and kept moving his body out of shy and even he couldn't turn back and watch kiss scenes on the monitor.

    and the scene that the audience screamed at the most was "the first kiss scene with Jaehee" after drinking champagne and Minho was very surprised by non-stop audience scream, that made people laugh a lot.

    and when it comes to each game, Minho didn't seem to care to win, but rather he cared so much to make the event flow smoothly like the event staff. he just kept saying it's ok as long as I'm not the last.

    when Minho pretended to fly with a balloon, he made eye contact with Sulli, and he played with Sulli together.

    when MC handed sports drink to Sulli as a penalty, Sulli shuddered with the smell. then Minho who watched Sulli shudder approached Sulli to smell the drink in Sulli's hand and sniffed at it.

    and before he knew, he held the drink and Hyunwoo shouted"hukgisa"

    MC kept talking to Minho coz she didn't expect Minho to drink willingly but Minho was ready to drink it and Minho showed the drink to the cameraman, its color was really black.

    thanks to Minho, Hyunwoo who was very nervous at the beginning of show seemed more relaxed and playfully talked and acted like Minho later.

    and in-between or at the end of the show, they stayed together and whispered somethingt to each other like birds twitter. Minho and Sulli faced each other and two laughed hard with their mouth wide open, and the audience screamed at them coz Minho and Sulli's faces were too close to each other while whispering and laughing.

    Posted By Peach20kr@Soompi
    via:minsul's group"

    I'm soooo looking forward to more footages mslee !...
    Im forcing myself to believe nothings wrong with both our Minsul<3.. even though a JUST-oppa-dongseng relationship... maybe they have mutual understanding with each other... maybe... or other. reasons... but its OK ! Gwenchana Yo !

    Minsul Fighting! <3<3<3<3
    Mslee Fighting ! <33333


  9. i forgot to ask mslee :
    do you know why I didnt receive a reply notification through gmail, everytime you replied my comments? do you perhaps know of any setting that i could.. well set ? :DDD
    saaankyu saankyu in advance....

  10. I am scouting for more vids as of now... and like you said, when I feel i am inspired to write, then that's the time i'll do it! lol!

    just wait okay..thanks for posting peach20kr trans..it would be appreciated by minsul visiting the page here.:))

  11. mslee, I GOT 2 MORE ! BANZAI !


    this is the most important footage for me mslee !
    I am much much much very much relieved right now.
    3 Minsullific Moments :
    1.those first few seconds, where Minho straight forwardly looked at Sulli, THAT ALONE, objectively for me and is my long waited consolation, is the usual lovingly look that Minho has for Sulli, the look that cant hide his fondness for his dear dongseng Sulli. Not to mention now Sulli is glowing beautifully during fx comeback... (I am borrowing "glowing" from you mslee !:DDDD)
    2. around 1:17 - 1.18 when Sulli turn her head towards Minho, even though Im not sure whether Sulli was actually glancing towards her dearest Minho Oppa, but THAT was enough to show that she's turning to Minho for .. well some sort of support. This is subjective though for me... :DDDD
    3. the fact that Minho cant take his eyes off those wonderful kissssss<3<3ing moments SAYS IT ALL.

    and if I can add one more... our Minsul lovely lovely Chemistry, is BACK.. theres no skinship between them, but I can sense it clearly! Im still bit curious.. they're usually so cuddly with each other with the hugging, clinging etc...

    OUR MINSUL IS OKAY mslee !

    Again, whatever however their real relationship is, it is beautiful. Its important for me as Minsullian, cause Minsul moments are one of the many moments that can lighten up and cheer me up and make me giggle like mad on my bad days.. its that important...hahahaha...
    I guess I am bit desperate, cause Minho was MC in 2 of fx's comeback but nothing not a single footage of them together came out.. its really unusual, considering fx was at Shinee's comeback several times already....

    According to Peach's translation, theres a Minsul-LOL-with-Mouth-wide-open <333
    I LOVE Minsul's laughter.. and am deligently waiting for it...

    Our Minsul is OKAY mslee !