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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Episode 20 SHARK - Final Review + Screen caps

The battle between evil and good comes to an end. Revenge was served, or was it? Ultimately, the damage that has been done will somehow be put in order after decades of deceit. But it took a young boy from 12 years ago to unfold all the secrets that Chairman Jo is hiding.

Shark drama has given us viewers a 20 episodes full of twists, cliff hanging ending episodes and one of the best written thriller/suspense drama with a little bit of romance on the side all in one. 

Han Yi Soo took the road of vengeance towards the man who even cornered, won't be defeated. In episode 19, Han Yi Soo upon learning the painful truth of his father's past, a torturer and the one who accidentally murdered Kim Soo Hyun's father was so broken spiritually. He was devastated by the knowledge that his own father was not the innocent he thought he was. And what hurts the most is that by unveiling the truth he suffered the consequences of knowing.

Bringing a gun and pointing it at Chairman Jo was met with mockery and sarcasm. Evidently, the old man is ready to face death by Yi Soo's hands, but not in the least remorseful of what he had done. What an evil minded person he was. 

Even challenging Yi Soo to pull the trigger, while Hae Woo outside the library was begging him to stop. As Yi Soo shot the gun, I flinched for I thought he really lost his mind. But thankfully, he did not dirtied his hands by Chairman Jo's blood.

He walked away from the house. Meanwhile Kim Soo Hyun already knew the truth. I was thinking, he could not possibly betray his friend this way. 

While all this chaos was happening, a marriage is suffering. Joon Young is willing to wait and be there for Hae Woo. Clearly he is not giving up.  

Episode 19 ended with Yi Soo being shot by Soo Hyun. But even as I was viewing it, I have this feelings that this is all staged/pre-planned. Soo Hyun is intelligent to negotiate with Chairman Jo while recording the conversation and asking money to be brought up by the ahjussi penkiller.

In episode 20 it was revealed. Yi Soo is not dead. Ahjussi was arrested. But the hardwork soon failed for a cop assigned from Busan and Chariman Jo's man made the ahjussi take a poison medicine. The Chairman won't give up. He stayed ruthless as ever.

But Hae Woo is pushing through with making the public know about his grandfather. Asking help to a very good computer wizard she gave him the documents to be published on line without being found the IP address. Next day, people are talking about it, still the chairman is not succumbing.

But what to do, justice must be served. But as a coward, the old man want to take the easy way out by committing suicide.

A good thing Mrs Park unloaded the gun before and keep the bullets away. He was so coward he won't admit his wrongs. A man without an ounce of remorse. A man who stayed cold blooded until the end.

So..should I rejoice knowing Chairman Jo will be prosecuted? That Yi Soo finally had his revenge? I always want a happy ending for my OTP, who are Yi Soo and Hae Woo. But in the middle of this story, here's Joon Young who stayed to his character of that of a righteous man. He did not go away and left Hae Woo despite her lies and her love for Yi Soo. So, how will the writer give me a happy ending for my OTP. It's kind of impossible. A marriage will be at stake. 

Yi Hyun needs a liver transplant and Yi Soo is willing to be the donor. I was in for a surprise when at the ending, the cop hired by Chairman Jo shot Yi Soo in the head. A very surprised scene for me as I was waiting for Yi Soo and Hae Woo to meet and talk. She came late. Too late. He was already shot.

And this old man is clearly rejoicing. Guess he won? This is a battle between him and Yi Soo but in the end, he took Yi Soo's  life and felt good about it. A scary man, indeed.

That's when I understand why Yi Soo was still brought up to the hospital in a coma state. He still needs to stay alive even if brain dead to save Yi Hyun. All along I knew he would not survive that close range shot. Impossible. 

Did I cry seeing this scene? Who wouldn't? 

She loves him very much. But it's time to let him go. He had done what he had to do for staying alive all these years. His reasons to live has been served. He came back to right the wrong even if it would cause his life. But Hae Woo's future does not lie with him anymore. Their love for each other will always be there, but circumstances made them fall apart. 

I am glad that the writer gave me a closure for this one. I hate open ending stories, where my hopes will still be alive. Come to think of it, this is what O have been writing all along, that there must be closure between Hae Woo and Yi Soo or they must begin again. 

I applaud the writer for the last scene, where he was shot. It was tragic and a surprise, yet it was what an ending for Yi Soo should be. I may say that he was in the end defeated by evil, but is not what our society is in real? Sometimes we want justice but the more we run after it, the more we are in danger. 

Clearly, his drama left me with a feeling of sadness but I know that the story will stay with me for a long time. I can even recommend this one and watch it again if I miss Yi Soo and Hae Woo.

Aren't all great dramas always have a sad ending? 

 Son Ye Jin and Kim Nam Gil made this drama worth watching. They have played their characters too well.

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