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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Finale Epipsode [20] SHARK - Saying Goodbye to Yi Soo Screen caps

These captures were after Yi Soo was shot in the head/nape, while Chairman Jo inside the cell, breaking in a smile...guess he won. Friends, ushered YS to the ER, Hae Woo kissed him on the lips. Hours passed and Hae Woo cried, signaling that YS did not make it. Then she let go of the shark necklace...

I was not able to watch tonight, but was lucky enough to capture the last minutes of the drama. Will have to watch with subs then share my thoughts for episodes 19 and 20.

I was right all along that he did not die in the 19th episode.
 But sadly, he did not make it tonight.


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