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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Kill Me Heal Me Episode 3 Screen caps Review

Is it a defense mechanism or a trap? 

Some thoughts...

Oh Ri Jin has asked this question regarding the multiple personalities that sprung inside Cha Do Hyun's body. My thoughts can be right or wrong but if I were to guess, it might be a defense mechanism due to the trauma he suffered when he was young. His mind tried to block all the pains and memories, thus creating these personalities within him to protect himself from further pains. But how about Shin Se Gi who is the volatile one and wants to over power him completely? He is the avenging one and it seems that his presence in Cha Do Hyun's mind and body became a trap for Do Hyun to stop existing? 

There are still mysteries left unanswered in this episode. From what I learned, Do Hyun is trying hard to make these personalities disappear, thus making Se Gi even more greedy to stop him. His family is not aware of what's happening to him, although they look at him as a weird person since young. There is a battle going on inside the company. His grandmother is in a fight with his uncle and trying hard to make him the successor of the company. But then Do Hyun opted for a quiet life in the US because of his illness.  But now he has nowhere to go but be visible at the company.

In this episode, Do Hyun's mother seems to be unwanted by his family but she is not the typical outcast who would suffer alone. She is insisting herself to the family because she is the mother of Do Hyun. I wonder about his father who they refer to as already dead but who is the one his mother speaking to in a bed, who seems to be alive yet in a comatose state? Mianhae, I can't seem to figure it out yet. [maybe it's coz of so many dramas I am watching my mind is getting clouded and confused. lol]

Anyway, Do Hyun's grandmother is not affectionate towards him. She has a goal to keep the company if possible in Do Hyun's hands and not to his uncle and cousin, Cha Ki Joon. His halmonie [granny] is talking about how so much effort had been made just to make Do Hyun a member of the Seung Jin family. Now I wonder if he was a son from outside marriage thus the reason why halmonie detested the presence of his mother, but has no way to make her disappear or control the situation.

Ah the secrets. Still intact from the past.

In this episode Park Perry appeared. The 3rd personality of Do Hyun who is more carefree and into devices. He likes to wear printed shirts and a hat. He seeks freedom. 

Because oh Rin Ji was kidnapped, Do Hyun asked for Shin Se Gi but Perry instead appeared. A call came to him about a woman being kidnapped and about a jacket that his boss urgently asked for, which to their knowledge Se Gi got or stole from him. The jacket contains drugs, that's why it is a must to be returned to the owner.

With a duct tape on her lips, Ri Jin tried hard to relay to the man calling Perry/Do Hyun/Se Gi that he need not call him because the jacket is their home. Or more accurate, his twin brother Ri On has it. But the man did not understands her.

The drama has it's moments of comedy and that's where Perry Park fits right into. He came with 2 ticking bombs in his hands. A threat. But of course, something would surely go wrong. The bombs started ticking when it landed on the floor and all rushed to a corner for safety, covering their ears. But when the timer reached zero, it never exploded.

To get the story short, a call was made to Ri Jin's twin and was asked where he was right now.. The group went to her brother leaving one man to look for both Perry and Ri Jin tied to a chair. While they were both tied, Ri Jin realized that this man has multiple personalities. She met two men already at the Paradise Club, and at the hospital. Shin Se Gi the one who told her not to forget with eyes that could look through her soul and the apologetic man who she thought rejected her only after a few minutes of getting a confession, Do Hyun. Then this man with her, the carefree man which acted insane is the 3rd man and she has yet to find his name. During this time, Do Hyun overpower Perry and this was witnessed by Ri Jin. She told him not to lose consciousness.

At the after work party in the house, Ri On with his colleagues were busy eating and drinking when the gang came. But to their surprise, Ri On opened the jacket to reveal the drugs and the men with him were all in the narcotics division. The gang were all handcuffed.

The bomb started ticking again when Ri Jin and Perry bargained with the look out. They were not sure if it would really explode or not. But then it did explode. Both Perry and Ri Jin got themselves hurled onto the floor with the intense explosion, but quiet safe from burns. They rode out in a motorbike for safety. She fell unconscious and was brought to the hospital. He was apologetic to this woman. He ordered his right man An Gook to make the necessary arrangements for the hospital for her recovery. He even asked her while she was half asleep not to meet him again and stay away from him. Flowers and gifts came to her room.

Ri Jin talked to Dr. Seok Ho Pil and found out that he was Do Hyun's doctor. She even told about Se Gi to him. They discussed about Do Hyun's illness.

Do Hyun and Ri Jin met again at the hospital. Her runaway patient, the crazy girl from the Paradise Club was again trying her tricks but caught just in time before she collided with do Hyun's car. Do Hyun realized that Ri Jin is really a doctor and not a patient.

I think after 2 episodes of confusion for me last week, because of the exaggerated scenes, just are too my opinion of course, I am liking what has been revealed so far in this 3rd episode. Although I think 7 personalities are too much, but I am anticipating about the family story of both Do Hyun and Ri Jin and what connects them to each other.

For now, I will keep on making screen caps and share some thoughts.


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