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Monday, January 19, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] WGM #JjongAh Ep.33 Screen caps Batch 2 - Finding That Courage To Kiss Ah Young!

For this second part of episode 33, The Kiss was the highlight for our couple. 

I think Jjong has already accepted [meaning despite his shyness which continue to block the skinships]  this fate that he will kiss Ah Young sooner than later. I did not see any hesitation at all or even him arguing the issue and dragging it for next episode. No, Jjong has prepared himself for this moment, even conquering his shyness and courageously leaning forward to Ah Young for that anticipated kiss. Who knows, maybe he is expecting this to happen sooner but his timing is off. In the interview, he told that he can kiss her much better comfortably if they are just the two of them but in front of the camera is really too much for him. Hmm..I pondered on this thoughts of Jjong. It's telling his feelings about showing affections to Ah Young and that he is not only considering it but he thinks of it. Of course, my interpretation. 

I am just sad that some haters of this couple are out to make this beautiful development  of their skinship are saying bad comments and looking at them as fake or that he is not interested in her. I hope people will study their interactions since day 1 to know the progress of the relationship particularly on Jong Hyun's part. From timid, silent to becoming a bit naughty and joker to Ah Young is a great achievement already.

I love the way he was so shy after the cheek kiss he bestowed on her. He  could not look her on the eyes, even opening the window on his side for some fresh air, maybe to cool down his temperature that suddenly got hot. It's typical and natural to feel some tension. And Jjong was feeling that way only covering it with embarrassment he also feels at the same time.

I made a lot of screen caps below because I am fascinated with Jong Hyun's stares towards Ah Young as if he is so into her or that she really attracts and bewitches him. How he stares at her show that he is not immune to her charm but rather he can not help but be attentive to her every single moment. The screen caps will prove those moments how special Ah young is to Jong Hyun. Maybe it was an act but I am not buying it. His emotions were too exposed as he could not keep his smiles off his face.

Does he really need to stare while her make up was being done? He almost did not blink his eyes as he continue to look at her. Ah Jjong! I can stay all day looking at you looking at Ah Young that way.:)) If he is not that interested in her he could just stay put in his chair and talk through the mirror in front of them. Any other guy who is just friendly will do it this way.  But no, he was so naughty as to make her uncomfortable. He was actually teasing her with his actions and that moment was one of  their flirting moments. Subtle yet not so to anyone who knows what I am talking about.

The name in his mobile phone was changed to Ah Young only, to her satisfaction. Ah Young also reminded him not to forget wearing his ring and not to be too friendly to other girl group. Yes, she is staking her claim on him and he is indulging her and making excuses for some days that he did not wear his ring. But like a good boy, he wore it after in other shows.

One of the cute scenes in this part of the episode was when he brought her snacks, inside the car and she ate it while she fed him as he drove the car. That was so romantic and sweet and natural like any other couple. There was no awkwardness only comfortable vibes between them. And look at him smile when she looked into what he brought her. He was happy knowing she was happy with his simple gestures.

I am sure shippers are still high on seeing the kiss scene. I am, too. Looking for more in the coming episodes.

enjoy the screen caps


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