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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Kill Me Heal me episode 4 Screen caps review


It seems Se Gi is running out of time. He now appears even in Do Hyun's consciousness, making him confused and crazy with fear. Se Gi could also talk to him while Do Hyun occupies his body. This personality that seriously wants to take over Do Hyun is getting stronger and scary.

Outside the hospital Do Hyun and Ri Jin met. They introduced their names to one another, well, Ri Jin tried hard to make him say his name. By this time Do Hyun knew she knows about him. Meanwhile, her colleagues were having fun seeing them talking outside. She was shocked while he was surprised and confused. Time to meet her colleagues who gossiped about her being rejected. She asked Do Hyun a favor about it and he complied.

Cha Ki Joon was asking his secretary to search hospitals if Do Hyun stayed there. He saw a blood dripping during the conference meeting. He wants confirmation.

Do Hyun talked to Ri Jin and found out that she met Se Gi. He then cautioned her about him. But then while talking with her, Se Gi appeared in his consciousness, threatening. His head ached, making Ri Jin ran to get medications but he was gone when she came back. She tried to call him but got no answers.

Ri Jin had a dream. A girl and a boy playing in a see-saw. She could not see the boy's face. She asked Ri On about it. Ri On remembered they used to play in a backyard or a nearby park when they were young.

I think this was were Se Gi first met Ri Jin and fell in love. It could be. Ri Jin talked to the doctor about Do Hyun and Se Gi and about co-consciousness happening to Do Hyun. It is scary and definitely dangerous.

Han Chae Yeon met Do Hyun but she got rejected. Do Hyun is thinking about her safety that's why. His mother and his grandmother had a fight. His mother knows a lot of family secrets and she is threatening the old woman about it if she kicks her out of the house. Do Hyun asked his mother about the secrets he knew but she told him it's nothing. His mother also visited a faceless patient, most probably Do Hyun's father who is still alive.

The ending was exhilarating. Se Gi conquered Do Hyun's mind and body and sought Ri Jin. She thought it was Do Hyun who finally texted her but only to find that Se Gi stood in front of her. He dragged her away into his car and drove off in high speed. She was scared and frantic but he was determined to find pout something. 

Whatever it is, should be exciting to know in next's weeks episode.

Maybe I am weird but I like Se Gi for his dangerous character. lol! I think his creation within Do Hyun protected him from trauma in the past. I think what Do Hyun can not do, Se Gi will do it for him. But of course, he is the bad one among the personalities created so he may be greedy and stubborn to stay alive and possess the body for good.

But it's interesting how Do Hyun realized that Se Gi followed Ri Jin's order or command when they first met. Se Gi is the strong headed one and Ri Jin can manipulate him. So maybe she is the person that can handle Se Gi because he likes her a lot.

This is going to be more interesting. I want to find out how Se Gi and Ri On's connection can solve a lot of problems for Do Hyun.


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