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Sunday, January 18, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Pinocchio - The Ending

After it was revealed that there was a conspiracy between Song Cha Ok and Park Ro Sa, somehow the intensity and the pace of the story slowed down, for me in my opinion.  The focus was diverted to Seo Bum Jo's mother and her greed to be in good contact with the politicians and how Cha Ok was forced to conspire with her along with one of the directors in MSC.

I anticipated this move to make reporter Song Cha Ok feel embarrassed as a reporter, to atone for her mistakes from the past and to finally reveal the true culprit even at the expense of her career. It was just a pity that what happened 14 years ago, the sensationalized story about Ki Ha Myung's family were all but a conspiracy and not really a mistake or negligence at finding facts. All this time I have believed that Song Cha Ok is a stubborn woman who thinks no one could tell her what to do because of her pride that led her to make those assumptions about what happened in the fire accident. But realizing that she was manipulated, looking as if against her will then but nothing she could do makes her even more despicable as a human being than what I thought was just too much arrogance that she has as a successful reporter. Conspiring to turn the truth into  lies makes her a liar and not deserving of a microphone to speak before the world. For this, I was really disappointed. But I have to accept the way the writer wants me to understand her to be able to forgive her just like Ha Myung / Dal Po.

As for Park Ro Sa, she is way too shallow as a person. even inside a prison cell, she has not repented. So I understand how Seo Bum Jo's frustration when he visited her and saw her. I guess there are people like her who will not admit their mistakes or even their part in a crime committed to others. I like how Bum Jo got a sound mind, and that he retains his principles and credibility as a human being. But of course, he can not abandon his mother. 

I wish the romance started early for Cap Hwang Gyo Dong of YGN and Yoon Yoo Rae but of course, the age gap was too much, but then how the writer handled it was too cute and funny. Then there is the newly wedded couple, Jang Hyun Gyu and the camerawoman Im Jae Hwan. Never expected that they will end up with each other because she was always picked on by the other man from MSC lee Il Joo. [lol] The kiss was unexpected especially for Lee Il Joo who witnessed it before his eyes. I swear he envy the headband guy. I laughed after Yoon Yoo Rae asked for his headband as a sign of rebellion when she mistake Cap's intention towards her. It could be very well like a sunbae/hoobae feeling only, of course.

The romance has to endure a bit of separation time for our OTP. They asked the grandfather but they were not given blessings to continue. There was a time lapsed as they live as uncle and niece to respect the old man's wish.

But of course there must be a happy ending, so the grandfather changed his mind when he saw the photo of In Ha and An Chan Soo's child together with Dal Po inside his wallet. he realized that it can happen for them. Dal Po can still be family even if not as a son to him. He then un adopt him to free him and use his own name.

Both Ha Myung and In Ha looked gorgeous in their wedding dress and black tuxedo. And how about the kisses they indulged themselves with behind the curtains? So sweet and lovely. It made the viewers swoon. I think spending my time watching 20 episodes of this drama are all worthwhile. In Ha and Dal Po's journey to romance and finding the truth are both amazing. 


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