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Sunday, January 18, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] The King's Face Episode 16 Review and Screen caps

Short Review

The war was over. the King and the rest of the Royal family along withe Ministers were back at the palace in the city. But something had definitely changed.

The King was having hallucinations that he thought were dreams. He was seen walking in the middle of the night, talking to unseen people. The Eunach had interpreted them as worries of the King since he came back. The people's faith were not on the King anymore but rather transferred to Prince Gwanghae who fought with the volunteers and became the savior for many people.

Prince Gwanghae would not recognized by the Ming. It all boiled down to his encounter with them during the war and how he stood up to them. Sadly, the King thought that the Ming were the ones who won most battles for Joseon. he would not recognize the effort of the volunteers together with Prince Gwanghae.

Until the Crowned Prince was recognized, Gwanghae's position could still be taken away from him. His brother Im Hae was still intent on getting the title as well as Gwiin Kim for her younger son. Kim Do Chi's alliance with Gwii Kim was strong as ever. After the war, Kim Do Chi climbed up from his position and now serving as one of the trusted men besides the King.  Only Eunach saw him as a two faced man, with a dragon and a snake both within him.

The Queen's health was deteriorating fast. She was concerned for the future of Gwanghae. The King planned a feast for the people but when he arrived at the feast area, the tables were still empty. A group of poor people were ushered inside the palace but they instead greeted Prince Gwanghae with so much warmth. they even bowed to him, disregarding the King's presence which made the King angry and walked away.

The King planned on rewarding the people who fought the war but in the list, his sons who joined him when he left the palace were written and some officials. All the volunteers who supported the Crowned Prince were not on the list. Even Gwanghae was not recognized. Gwanghae talked to his father about it. But the King was stubborn. Prince Gwanghae was detained inside his quarters and told not to leave or step outside.

Kim Do Chi told the King that the volunteers who supported the Crowned Prince were trying to replace the King. The volunteers who learned of the situations begged the King to alter his decision but then they were all taken inside and were locked. They were accused of treason. Kim Do Chi was doing his best to eliminate Gwanghae.

The Queen asked the Crowned Princess about Gahee and was told that Gahee supported the Prince during the war. The Queen begged the Princess to let her meet Gahee first. The Queen had also learned that Gahee has a deeper connection with the Prince.

When Gahee met the Queen, she was asked to be a concubine for the King. It was the only way to protect the Prince. The Queen coughed blood and Gahee was alerted and anxious of what she saw, but the Queen told her that it was already too late. She wanted Gahee to protect the Prince when she is gone.

A tough decision for Gahee but when she learned that the Prince was already locked up and possibly could be accused of treason, she chose to be with the King. 

During the interrogation, one of the men from the volunteer whom Kim Do Chi chose to betray the Prince was asked if they really planned on replacing the King and who planned it. The man told them that it was true and Prince Gwanghae was the culprit.


I really detest the King right now for his corrupted mind and how bias he is as a father. I can't let his illness or his insecurity be a reason to make me like him even a bit and understand him why he is being this way to his son, Prince Gwanghae. He is so blind by his power that he could not see the sincerity of Gwanghae's heart, for him, his father.

Kim Do Chi makes me grind my teeth every time he planned something bad towards Gwanghae. His greed is so big that I want him to fall down so hard and lose to Gwanghae in all possible ways.

I wonder about the endless problems that keeps on appearing in front of Gwanghae. It was like his fight would never end.

This drama has all the elements that can make a viewer love or hate characters. 


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