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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

[mslee's thougths] PUNCH Review - The Twists Keep On Turning

Showing a lot of twists in a story that makes a viewer interested is fine as long as results follow after. I think I can endure this turning of events but somehow, I am really disappointed at how Jung Hwan's plan of submitting himself together with Ocean's Capital documents can easily be manipulated by Lee Tae Joon. I know this is not yet an official summon or investigation but I do wonder at the politics that go behind closed doors and phone calls that can overturn an event in a minute.

An opening of doors to catch corrupt officials was what Jung Hwan is offering but he was declined as the case was put to close. The video of Kim Sang Min that Jung Hwan got from a school was seen by Ho Sung and in turn handed to Tae Joon for Kang Jae to announced to the media. An opportunity that Tae Joon's team handled and make them the people's hero for the time being.

I am upset at this. I know the writer wants a gripping drama and unexpected scenarios for the characters still, I think it is dragging the story and I might not be happy that my anticipation could turn sour at the end of this drama. 

[yes, remember EOG? hope it won't be that bad in the end even though Jung Hwan's character will surely die]

Well, back on the story, another dead end for Jung Hwan here. I like that finally he is somehow regretting the way he lived his life after his chosen path seven years ago and after he chose to give Ha Gyung the divorce papers. It was a choice for him to decide. An investigation for his boss Tae Joon or the divorce papers. I want to believe that Jung Hwan had a change of heart then, to buy sometime and not give up on his wife and daughter but then the incident where he was dragged to an interrogation room as a bait for Tae Joon made him gave his loyalty to Tae Joon. I felt sad at Ha Gyung's words that she lost to Tae Joon. How come a husband could do that? But then, Ha Gyung also regretted how they lived their lives then, not immediately understanding Jung Hwan. For these two, a lot of memories will make them ponder even after the other is gone and the other is left behind.

So Jung Hwan has to go first to Kang Jae to make his move on Tae Joon. He is never giving up. He cried for his actions, but then what makes him so angry is the fact that he is paying for his mistakes and choices while his accomplice and the people he put first in his life and trusted betrayed him and seems won't be punished by law.

What's worse is that "Park Jung Hwan Gate" is a plan to make everything Jung Hwan's crime after he dies. This is often times used when a crime was committed and culprits need a fall guy. Of course, once dead, case is closed. Leaving family grieving not only for their loss but for the embarrassing fate they were left to endure.

The "sponsored prosecutor" case was investigated. Kang Jae is definitely receiving more than the amount of his salary and it comes from a company. The list of what he received were all documented. he was summoned for investigations. The writer is good in making each character stands out not only for their villain actions but portraying what matters to them when it all comes down to who must be protected. Kang Jae has an 80 year old mother, three daughters who all look up to him and proud of him and a wife to take care of. Even Tae Joon calls him family. Again, loyalty is playing here until such time betrayal is the only answer.

Jung Hwan pressured Kang Jae to divulge something that would make him fall. The key in Tae Joon's pocket, Kang Jae duplicated. Tae Joon was duped into listening this conversation between Jung Hwan and Kang Jae, sprouting doubt in his mind that soon Kang Jae would betray him even after he worked for him for 20 long years. 

But then, Kang Jae could not let himself betray the man whose brother killed himself and entrusted Tae Joon in his hands. He decided not to take the chip and left it locked in a drawer. But Tae Joon already had a changed of heart. He was the one who locked him up, added a couple more of cases against him. Even if Kang Jae kneel and begged in front of Jung Hwan, it was already too late.

Lee Tae Joon is not only keeping his seat intact but he has plans to move to a higher position, tempting him to run for Presidential election. I can not figure out Yoon Ji Sook. She has made her alliances, made her choices, betrayed Ha Gyung and Assistant Prosecutor Jung, yet she won't have Tae Joon go any higher. Both Ho Sung and her have their own agenda, both hypocrites, wanting to make the image of the office clean, yet they resort to betraying friends.

Tae Joon is now targeting the Chief of Staff, making higher Prosecutors to move and investigate the Chief of Staff's daughter who seemed to have climbed up in position at such a young age. It could bring Tae Joon the recognition he is seeking for to establish himself as the next politician apt for the office of the President.

Jung Hwan would not want to see Tae Joon win while he is dying. Even if Ha Gyung asked him to stop and just rest or stay at the hospital he could not do it. He wants to finish what he started. He asked the anti corruption division to join him in counter investigating evidences against Tae Joon's claim. The Prosecutors at the office were not keen on following him because they knew his days are numbered but then Kang Jae is no longer there and he is next in ranking. They have no other choice but to follow him. Even Ho Sung agreed to him. I find Ha Gyung's distaste at Ho Sung having a conversation with Jung Hwan showed how hurt she was at Ho Sung's betrayal. He was their friend. 

I like how Ha Gyung and Jung Hwan are finally getting along and working together. There might not be romance but how they are now is more than fine as husband and wife, even if they are not any longer. I like that he refer to her as his wife still. Ye Rin might be his most loved and cherished person in the world and the one who makes him sad and scared that he won't see her grow, still, Ha Gyung remains the only woman in his heart.

As for Prosecutor Choi, she may have changed camp, but her loyalty lies with Jung Hwan. The relationship between them remains sunbae/hoobae but there is also something special about it maybe because she likes him and he knows it but he can not do anything for her but stay someone who wishes her success.

Now the battle begins again between Tae Joon and Jung Hwan. Please, let the story move on and finally trap Tae Joon. The ending in episode 11 showed that Tae Joon is willing to end their dispute but for Jung Hwan, there is no turning back. 


I like to say that Jung Hwan's vulnerable moments are all amazing. Kim Rae Won has created his character in a way that is complex yet real. He is so awesome in this drama. And his presence is just too big. I love his expressive eyes and every emotions running on his face.

The hero/villain is Park Jung Hwan. 

I think the writer has once again put on his signature mark on his characters. Strong, stubborn, intelligent, one who does not give up, a fighter to the end, yet hiding inside is a vulnerable heart for his family.

this is my thoughts in this week's episodes of PUNCH


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