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Saturday, April 4, 2015

GIF - Random JjongAh Moments in WGM Batch 1 - Reminiscing...

Since I am a late shipper of JjongAh, I have not shared awesome photos or gif moments during the earlier episodes. I decided to post random moments in my blog just to reminisce the good old times of JjongAh couple.

Some favorites...although all scenes in WGM JjongAh Cut are favorites.:)

Bali Night

Bali Morning

One of the first "whispering" interaction between JjongAh

Like this cute scene...hmmm..I think I will find other whispering moments later...

After they moved into their new rooftop house. Jjong is handsome in his shades, showing them to Ah Young-ie.

first pinky promise of JjongAh

of course, he could not resist her...

First seeing his wife cooking for him...

awkward..but they are getting there...

Bali walk and linking arms...

Bali eating time

having fun conversations, love how stares at her...

and how she sneaks a peek at him with that charming face and laugh

Favorite Bali water moments

Also Ah Young's fave moments as she told him at ep 40

Lots of skinships for JjongAh

Our naive Ah Young! Gullible Ah Young to King of Pranks Jjong!

He finds satisfaction teasing her again and again, That's what's attraction is all about!

The Mission

After worrying about the cheezy confession [or was it really?] he did yell the words Ah Young loves to hear.

This will always be my top favorites...
Jeungdo Trip

The Photo shoot that showed how Jjong really feels for Ah Young 

All the interactions were honest and beautiful...

this is mslee1107

until my next batch of random JjongAh moments

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