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Friday, April 3, 2015

Shine Or Go Crazy Episodes 19 and 20 Screen caps


The King had to protect his brother Wang So. In the most crucial moment, the King began losing his grip and anxiety came rushing again. Sik Ryeom's words were too hard especially when he has something that will make the King fall. He was bribed to help in the killing of Yeo Won's brother, also a King. It was for him to ascend to the throne.

Both Wang So and Shin Yool were imprisoned awaiting trial. Shin Yool got sick. The doctor who attended to her told Wang Wook that she will not last longer. Even Yeo Won asked the doctor about her. It was like a ticking bomb for Shin Yool. Anytime she will die.

Wang So had to deny the wedding that took place 5 years ago. It was fake. The people at Chunghae also testified about the fake wedding. But to save Shin Yool, Wang Wook stepped in, asking the King to order a Royal Marriage between him and Shin Yool. Wang So had to grit his teeth not to speak against Wag Wook's suggestion. After all it was for Shin Yool's sake.

Wang So and Shin Yool had to part ways. But their love for each other was too great. Even Shin Yool is not choosing to live so she will not have to hurt either Wang Wook and Wang So. This realization just pains Wang Wook.


screen caps for 19 and 20

Episode 19

Episode 20

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