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Thursday, April 2, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] MAIDS Final Thoughts

One of the dramas I waited each weekend to watch has finally ended. Maids or Servants was a drama that attracted me seeing that the focus of the story is about the servants during the Joseon era and how society sees them as slaves and owned by noble families who can do whatever they like with their lives. It was a time where slaves can do nothing against the injustices of their Lords or Lady if they decided to end their lives in a flick of their fingers.

But like any society, romance can not choose who to like. The story tells a story of how noble men fell for their servants and had a relationship with them, discreetly or  not. In this drama two maids were in a relationship with their lords, one faced death just because she carried the child of the Lady's husband. In Dan Ji's case, I believe that she was loved by Yoon Seo, unfortunately he was already married and a noble man. But the drama gave justice to Dan Ji and her fate by letting her have a happy ending. 

I stayed glued to the story because I was moved by Moo Myung's silent love towards In Yub, once a noble woman turned slave because her father was convicted of treason. This silent man who seldom speaks but has a great screen presence totally awed me. The chemistry with In Yub was so amazing that I really waited for their love to bloom. There was Eun Ki, the first man In Yub fell in love with and was almost wed if not for the soldiers that suddenly halted the ceremony. The story is not that complicated but it gave the right answers how In Yub's feelings were vague in my point of view. Although she acknowledged Moo Myung as someone who moved her and made her appreciate his concern for her, at the back of her mind, she could not just forget Eun Ki. Eun Ki who was forced to a
marriage with her friend [or so she thought] was a closure for what she and him have.

If only Moo Myung is not the Prince, I think the love line in the story will not be complicated. But I like how Moo Myung chose In Yub over and over again. Even the status of being a Prince did not deter him from seeking her when she disappeared from his life. If only the writer gave me more scenes of In Yub and Moo Myung and not left it hanging in the end for me to conclude that everything turned out fine. If only the writer gave some more romance between In Yub and Moo Myung. But then I have to settle for the embrace they shared and the one kiss he gave her when she was inside a cell.

The story nicely wrapped up the lose ends. What In Yub started to fight for her father's innocence, she got. She was even reinstated as a noble woman again. All the hardships she endured while being a maid was all worth it. She learned many things while being a slave and that gave her enough knowledge to be different and to treat with respect people belonging to different class. She has no family but she gained friends and support from these ignorant and uneducated slaves that became family to her. She even let Dan Ji and her mother live with her ion her house after being reinstated, not to be their mistress but to work comfortably without being mistreated.

Again, it shows that the world is round. No one can predict the future just as the Defense Minister's family turned to be slaves after the King exiled the Minister to Jeju. I think that it has to happen to show justice and to make mother and daughter who mistreated In Yub pay for their cruelty. But personally, I really think it was unfair for the Minister of Defense because his loyalty was towards the King, although that last decision he made was what made him a traitor. Guess, he was too complacent  or that he was not choosing sides that's why he got what he deserves.

I don;t know but I don't pity Eun Ki even when he was dying. He made his choices, he was a weak person, claiming he did all for In Yub but that was really not the case and he admitted it to In Yub. He was jealous how Moo Myung showed him how to protect In Yub without compromising principles. Eun Ki deserves what he got. His avenging and greedy heart made him a traitor. But then, who can blame him when he is a filial son? This is where the dilemma lies. Family or lover? Which is the right choice?

So, even if I am a bit disappointed at how the romance part between Moo Myung and In Yub went, the ending made me conclude that it was a happy ending for them both. They reunited. They live happily ever after. 

It was said that this drama was based on historical events and figures but just the story was fiction, so I will just let my imagination rules and believe that both In Yub and Moo Myung found love in the end regardless of whether he became a recognized Prince or not.

Great cast, amazing acting and I think cinematography is good.


some screen caps for the final episode

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