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Friday, April 3, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] BLOOD Episode 14 Screen caps and GIF

So far the drama has revealed that Ji Sang has found out about Lee Jae Wook's association to his parent's and Chief Jung's father. Now he revealed that information to Jae Wook to get some answers, but just as he thought, lies keep piling up. Jae Wook is hiding more from him and he just could not give him his trust now that two vampire killers appeared in front of him at different occasion and threatening Ri Ta's life. He also realized they were the same infected people that killed his mother and possibly his father, too. But the nagging thought inside his head was why these two infected persons are like Jae Wook who resemble human temperature. They got away from his radar because of this amazing qualities that he still not have tried.

He believes that these two vampires are in connection with Jae Wook. He asked about the vaccine and tried it on for himself. For that day he was almost human with a beating heart and a temperature of 36.5 degree Celsius. He even grabbed Ri Ta's hands to feel him. For the romance part of the drama, this is definitely appealing and gave viewers like me that cute feeling of falling in love.  Somehow Ri Ta and Ji Sang have gone closer and comfortable around each other. Because of the threat in her life, she moved in temporarily to Ji Sang's place and into his bedroom. Well, he slept outside on a sofa with Hyun Woo. 

I still have some doubts as to how deep Min Ga Yeon's loyalty towards Lee Jae Wook. This girl is confusing me with her petty jealousy at Ri Ta, but at the same time, there is npo doubt that she feels sincere towards the children under her care. So it will be a matter of principles for Ga Yeon if she will go to the end with Lee Jae Wook's greed.

The new infected doctor that is in charge of the drug team and injecting vaccines at the free ward was really creepy with those eyes and smirk that is pasted on his face. I wonder if his role will develop into something more scary or if he will only fill the shoe of the blondie doctor that Lee Jae Wook killed. 

It's good that VP is now investigating the sudden disappearance of Hye Rin aka blond girl. But what was more devastating was the knowledge that she and the Chairman had something to do with the death of Ri Ta's parents. Possibly, she orchestrated everything to gain the trust of the Chairman and keep her in her position. Now, she is making use of the recorded conversations she had with the Chairman long ago to keep her inside the hospital and continue as the VP. This will be Ri Ta's greatest betrayal if revealed.

I am glad that Chief Jung already found out about Ji Sang and how his parents were infected, too. He also saw the photo of Lee Jae Wook with his father and by just looking at that he somehow knew that Jae Wook is also infected and dangerous. 

Encounters of Ji Sang with Lee Jae Wook are always awesome. It is like these two are playing mind games. Their thoughts are veiled although both have suspicions over one another. By now, Jae Wook realized that Ji Sang is not a fool and naive that he can easily manipulate. Ji Sang has already told Jae Wook he has no desire to treat the patients at the free ward. he wants to move back to the regular ward. 

I want to guess that maybe at the end, a drug will be found to cure the infection to make the romance between Ri Ta and Ji Sang have a happy ending. I was expecting too much of this drama, of this genre but my expectations were not met. But then, somehow, the kind of story the writer presented was more on the medical side and based on the flow of the drama, this has already surpassed what my expectation should be. So I did not get a true vampire story, gwenchana. This is totally different approach and it's amazing on it's own.

Arrogance and greed are where the story evolve. Bad versus good intension. Justifying the means by the outcome. 

I think Lee Jae Wook will be faced with a clear answer in the end that greed and ambition however for the intention of a better good will  not be a choice or an option of any human being.

Let us wait for the last 6 episodes of Blood.


screen caps and gif by mslee1107

cute bickering

realizing he is a warm person deep within..

giving comfort

letting her have a peaceful mind

Ji Sang is slowly showing her how he feels in a subtle way

the amazing ending of the episode

screen caps

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