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Thursday, April 2, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Sensory Couple - The Girl Who Sees Smell Episode 1 Screen caps Review

First impression for this drama Sensory Couple or The Girl Who Sees Smell...

 I enjoyed the first episode. Even though the first scene was a bit scary and there was mystery who the killer was and why he killed Choi Eun Seol's parents the rest of the episode was light due to Eun Seol's character.

Shin Se Kyung shared the same name with Park Yoo Chun's sister played by Kim So Hyun. Both girls played a high school student and named Choi Eun Seol. Park Yoo Chun is Choi Moo Gak. I think that when Eun Seol [ SSK] went home and discovered that her parents were killed by a man in black with a cap, the man did not really memorized her face. She was able to ran away from the killer despite her fears and initial reaction of not being able to move, hence the killer stood really close to her. Unfortunately, she was hit by a car while running away. She bounced through the air and fell hard on the street looking at the killer who halted his chase and hid from being noticed. All that was left on the killer's hand was her name that was ripped from her uniform.

Just that same night, Moo Gak's sister, Eun Seol was also in an accident and waiting to be brought by ambulance to a  hospital. He hurried to her sister. At the hospital, a man in a white coat, presumed to be a doctor bumped into Moo Gak on his way to the ward. The man's white coat has blood on it. Moo Gak found his sister but too late. She was already dead. There was a deep cut on her neck that caused death.

Was the man in a white coat the killer? If so, did he mistake the sister of Moo Gak as Eun Seol whose parents where killed?

Eun Seol was in a coma for a long time. The detective who handled the case of her parents were waiting for her to wake up because he thinks she was the only witness to the crime. But something unexpected happen when Eun Seol woke up almost 6 months later. She can see smell. Her one eye became blue in color. 

She also had amnesia. She can't remember anything from her past. The twist of the story was that the detective became her father and she was now called Cho Rim. They are now father and daughter. Her personality is great. She is a cheerful daughter.

First encounter of Cho Rim with Moo Gak was when she was on an errand from one of her arrogant colleague. She drove a car and because she was not really used to driving, she hit Moo Gak riding a motorbike. That time he was chasing a robber. Cho Rim was so scared and in a panic after realizing she hit a man. She tried to get him to a hospital. He was bleeding on his forehead. But Moo Gak was determined to catch the robber. He suddenly opened the car and sat on the driver's side to Cho Rim's shock. She hurried inside the car as they chase the robber. 

Her ability to see smell led them to capture the robber. But of course, the other two detectives got the suspect from them and left. Cho Rim asked Moo Gak to see a doctor. The doctor spoke with her. She learned that he should be in a very painful situation with dislocated shoulders but he is not even screaming or feeling any pains. Moo Gak has lost his sense of feeling pain.

It was like a de javu when the same man in a white coat, a doctor, bumped into Moo Gak in that clinic. The man or doctor looked back at him but  I think they did not recognize each other. But when the doctor passed by Cho Rim he looked back and there was recognition on his face. He even stared at her as they left the building. There was definitely something inside his mind at that moment as he looked at Cho Rim walking away.

Was he the killer? 

I like the chemistry already between Shin Se Kyung and Park yoo Chun. I am glad that SSK has a cheerful personality. I think her interactions with Yoo Chun are all great.  So far, the pilot episode is very interesting. The ending was a surprise for Moom Gak when he heard someone call Cho Rim as Eun Seol. Maybe it reminded him of his sister or that it was a coincidence that he met someone who was  mistaken by his sister's name Eun Seol. Cho Rim did not recognize the woman who introduced as her classmate. She told the woman that she was being mistaken for someone else. 

Choi Moo Gak is working hard as a police capturing criminals. He aims to be promoted to solve murder cases. That is the only way he can catch the killer who killed his sister. I think working with Cho Rim in future cases will make them a great team. But then I am not sure where the story will lead.

For now this is my first post for this drama. I will continue to share thoughts and screen caps for this drama.

And I am loving Cho Rim already. She is refreshingly cute opposite silent Moo Gak. 


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