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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Kill Me Heal Me Episode 20 Final Thoughts

Wrapping up my thoughts on this drama, finally.

So, how was my journey watching this drama? From first impression that did not gave me much just as I wrote, I fell in love with the drama as I continue to watch it each week. Sometimes, I need to be patient to realize that the best is yet to come. I can not always rely on my first impression because most of the times, the writings improve and the execution of the story becomes awesome. Maybe because usually, pilot episodes are exaggerated to make the story seems more interesting that they forget it is not a one sitting drama or a movie  but a 20 episode drama.

Well, the revelation of the past for both Do Hyun and Ri Jin were not only painful but insightful to the viewers. I want to say that the adults are at fault for creating this ill destiny for Ri Jin and Do Hyun but then circumstances brought them to be that way which made them inflict pains and sufferings to the children.

I love that both Do Hyun and Ri Jin were not able to forgive right away Do Hyun's father. The wounds which they thought healed as time passes by were opened and deep scars still lingers that it is really impossible to extend forgiveness. It will take years until the pain of the past fades before both can meet Do Hyun's father and smile through it all.

The personalities that were created to protect the child Do Hyun became a part of Ri Jin's life. Saying good bye to each one of them was saddening but it has to end. They have to go in order for Do Hyun to start his life again and live peacefully. Although they are saying goodbye but in actuality they are all a part of him in small ways. They are just gone but they are also in there somewhere in Do Hyun's heart and mind. Because all of them are pieces of Do Hyun.

Yo Na gave me the best moments out of all the personalities within Do Hyun. Her character may be irritating but also charming. For all the miseries that happens in the story, Yo Na was refreshingly fun that took away the seriousness of the story.

I want to say that I was informed a lot about multiple personalities disorders through this drama. The trauma, the pain, how personalities are created and why are they created are very enlightening. This is not only about romance or finding love in the midst of going through a tough ordeal. This drama is heart warming in every aspect. 

Of course, the OTP has to be together until the very end to continue to heal and support each other as they found true love. Everything is in the past. They are now looking forward to the future.

The only sadness I felt was when Shin Se Gi cried. I have always has a soft spot for him since the very beginning ot the drama. He was the tough one. He was the charismatic one. He was the epitome of a man in love that will go through hell just to protect the woman he loves. Shin Se Gi has been very vocal of his feelings for Ri Jin in the very beginning of the story which revealed later that goes back to their childhood days and the reason why he was created by Do Hyun. To protect Ri Jin.

I think Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum will always have this amazing chemistry. They have done it before and they have done it again. Unexpectedly. their chemistry and their drama rules the timeslot.

Kill Me Heal Me is a cry for help. And someone did not just answered but helped while uncovering her own painful past. I think Ri Jin and Do Hyun will be a couple that will always be remembered in k-dramaland. Their characters and stories are just too big and too complicated to be forgotten.

Well acted and well written.



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