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Saturday, April 4, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Sensory Couple - The Girl Who Sees Smell Episode 2 Screen caps Review

The drama continues to entertain [me specifically] even if new case arose in this episode.

The OTP had already met, solved who the robber was and decided to be a duo [later] in a comedy skit where Cho Rim works and hopes to be a regular in the troupe. As Moo Gak and Cho Rim parted ways, he suddenly overheard someone calling the woman he spent the day by his sister's name, Choi Eun Seol. For a moment he stood still. For obvious reasons, it brought back memories of his dongsaeng whom he loves so much but was unable to protect that day she was killed. Flashbacks rushing to his head of their last moments as brother and sister.

Cho Rim did not recognized the name she was called so she corrected the woman who uttered the name that she was mistaken and that she does not know her. The woman apologized, but there was confusion in her voice. Moo Gak turned around to look back at her as she noticed him still standing a few feet from her. She smiled and voiced out her surprise seeing him still there. Moo Gak asked her about the name Choi Eun Seol. She then realized they had not exchanged names other than the calling card he gave her. She wrote her name as Cho Rim and gave it to him. There was something in Moo Gak's thoughts during that moment regarding Cho Rim, or maybe I am reading too much to his expressions.

Moo Gak is determined to be a part of the investigation team. Even if his superiors are not keen on having him around, still his courage to ask the squad chief. I am not happy seeing how superiors treat their subordinates. It's too unethical the way they hit Moo Gak but then, perhaps it is a way to express how seniority in the bureau is. He was tasked to solve a ten year old cases within 10 days. Moo Gak was not glad about it but he had no choice. Even his colleague, the old policeman told him to quit dreaming.

[Sorry, there are a lot of veteran casts, I have yet to memorize all of their character names.]

Moo Gak is really an extra ordinary character. Not sure if it was because he suffered from the death of his sister that he lost all his senses of feeling pain or any other emotion that seeing him binged eating is a result of that trauma. But seriously, eating bowls of noodles and rice and other more is telling that something  is wrong or that he has eating disorder.

Meanwhile, Cho Rim is really in need of a partner in a skit and suddenly thought of Moo Gak. She called him but waiting for him to come was frustrating. In the end she told about the expenses for the car repair. He arrived where she was waiting. This scene is very cute. Cho Rim is unleashing her natural and cheerful charisma, but in vain. Moo Gak was not even entertained or even interested. She said that she will wave the car repair expense in exchange for him to be her partner in a skit. Of course, the suggestion was met with rejection. She reminded him that she helped him but he just stood up and walked away. 

Outside, maybe unsure that he will be able to solve the cases he was handed down, he texted his chief but luckily for Cho Rim, it was wrong sent and received by her phone. He came back to the cafe. She reminded him how she helped him caught the robber. How she can help him more in the future cases. 

She told him her secret about smell. He thought she has a good sense of smell, like a dog. LOL! I love this few gif that I made. This OTP has good chemistry and that they suit each other's personalities. As the saying goes, opposite attracts, but for these two, no attraction yet. Just work.

Moo Gak tested her. He hid. But she found him. He was amazed at how she could specifically track his footsteps until she found him. He then hid candies using disposable cups but she really was good.

She revealed then that she can see smell. They had a deal. She will help him, he will be her partner.

A new case for the investigation team. A model had been missing for a few days now. Moo Gak was ab le to sneak inside the meeting room. The woman who heads the meeting revealed that it could be a serial killer on the lose. The case of Choi Eun Seol's parents were a part of the case as well as other unsolved cases. There were similarity found on the dead people's arms. There were slashes like bar codes. The missing persons will surface on the 7th day, already dead. 

So far the latest victim, the model was kidnapped and being locked up in a white room with hospital bed. She was crying for help but no one heard her. Kwon Jae Hee [Nam Goong Min] arrived to Korea  calling someone. It was later found out that he is the boyfriend of the model that is missing. Cho Rim and Moo Gak was investigating on their own when she saw the perfume of the model all over Kwon Jae Hee. Moo Gak suddenly pounced on him but his two colleague, the greedy and arrogant detectives, arrived and stopped him from further hurting Kwon Jar Hee.

I love the pace of this drama. I thought the case will drag on but before the episode ended, Moo Gak and Cho Rim already knew where the body was. The humor of the episode was finding the lost model. I too laughed at how Moo Gak explained his theory of finding the wallet containing the cards of the model.

1. A man was caught using her card. He was arrested.
2.The man defended himself saying and pointing to the location where he found the wallet.
3. He was not the culprit only someone passing by and got interested on the cards.
4.Cho Rim see the smell of the wallet. It smelled of leather but also of water. She concluded that it came from water, maybe river and then happened to be found out 1 kilometer away outside town hall.
5. Moo Gak remembered the dog. He concluded that the dog got the wallet and brought it to the place where the man got it.

His theory about the dog is good but hearing it being told in a meeting where the Chief was already asking the team to search the mountains around the place where the wallet was found seemed really ridiculous. 

While the rest of the team were busy hiking the mountains, Moo Gak and Cho Rim continued their search. She found out that the wallet was popular from her friend who also has one. But it was not made of leather. Cho Rim then thought that perhaps the wallet fell on a river where leather chemicals wastes are flowing. They went to a nearby manufacturing company and then walked along the highway where the river was just below.

To backtrack the story, a car was passing by on the highway when they suddenly hit a car parked at a curved road and it toppled over the bridge. That was the 7th day the model gone missing. As Moo Gak continue to search for clues, he found pieces of broken car lights on the road. He knew an accident occurred there. He called Cho Rim who was exhausted and lagging behind. When she reached him, he told her about the accident that probably happened there. He looked at her and saw that something was bothering her face. Something she already realized. She knew then where the model was. She told him that the model's scent was behind him. Both looked at the river below the bridge.

The episode is another good one. There is mystery, suspense and fun moments. But what's interesting is that the character of the doctor, Chun Baek Gyung. He was the one who bumped into Moo Gak before he saw his sister dead. He was also the one who was at the clinic they visited when he got treatment for his dislocated shoulder. The doctor who gave Cho Rim a second glance and even stared at her secretly at his window as both she and Moo Gak left the clinic. Then here in this episode, he was on vacation when Moo Gak went to the clinic to follow up the investigation of the missing model. The gave away hint was that Chun Baek Gyung is the models doctor. Then, he was supposed to be out of town, but he was stalking Cho Rim. While she was busy giving out flyers, he was inside a cafe, looking at her secretly. Oh, oh..he is so creepy. But is he the real serial killer?

I am partly sure that when Chun Baek Gyung saw Cho Rim in episode 1, if he is the killer, he did not recognized her. Maybe he was thinking of making her his next victim. But then, this is just my guess and I am sure the writer has a lot more in store for us viewers. 

I am still doubting Kwon Jae Hee. His background has not yet been revealed. I will not close my mind on him being another suspect in this drama. There could be two culprits. or maybe my imagination is running ahead again!

I like to see the faces of Moo Gak's superiors with their mouths open in wonder how Moo Gak is so right in his theory about the model in a river. Those two detectives that are so arrogant towards Moo Gak, I want them overpassed by him. Am I being vindictive? Oh yeah!

I am looking forward to more cute scenes of Moo Gak and Cho Rim. I wonder how he will fall for her charms.


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